What They Are Saying: Ambassador Katherine Tai Outlines the Biden-Harris Administration's New Approach to the U.S.-China Trade Relationship

October 04, 2021

 WASHINGTON – United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai today delivered remarks at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) outlining the Biden-Harris Administration's new approach to the U.S.-China bilateral trade relationship. In her remarks, Ambassador Tai explained the importance of realigning our trade policies towards China in order to defend the interests of America's workers, businesses, farmers, and producers, and to strengthen our middle class.
Here is what they are saying about Ambassador Tai's speech:
Chairman Richard E. Neal (MA-01), U.S. House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee: "This morning, Ambassador Tai laid out a clear, comprehensive strategy for the U.S. – China trade relationship in a manner that supports U.S. workers while growing and strengthening the U.S. economy...I welcome the strategy Ambassador Tai outlined today and look forward to working with USTR and President Biden to implement this smart, pro-America vision." [Statement, 10/04/21]
Congresswoman Suzan DelBene (WA-01): “Ambassador Tai outlined the Biden administration’s new approach to the U.S.-China trade relationship today. I am pleased that this new strategy towards China focuses on trade enforcement to ensure China abides by the commitments it has already made and emphasizes restarting trade discussions between our two countries to achieve solutions when possible. It is important that this strategy prioritizes coordination with our allies and trading partners to address China, a stark departure from the previous administration’s go-it-alone, tariff-first approach to trade that hurt our relationships globally and failed to address many of China’s harmful non-market practices." [Statement, 10/04/21]
Congressman Dan Kildee (MI-05): I agree, @AmbassadorTai, by investing in American workers, infrastructure and domestic manufacturers, we can win this economic race for the future. I’ll keep working with you in Congress to ensure we #BuildBackBetter. [Twitter, 10/04/21]

Congressman Jimmy Panetta (CA-20): We must think strategically about our trade relationship with China and hold our most consequential competitor accountable without going it alone or harming American producers and consumers. I’m proud that @AmbassadorTai is committing to work with our allies to build a more fair trade system. We must collectively pressure China to end their unfair trade practices and labor rights abuses. [Twitter, 10/04/21]

National Council of Textile Organizations President and CEO Kim Glas: "We support the Biden administration’s plan outlined today by U.S. Trade Representative, Ambassador Katherine Tai, to enforce the Phase One deal with China and maintain tariffs on finished textile and apparel products. We believe it’s important to hold China accountable for pervasive intellectual property theft and persistent predatory trade practices that have undermined U.S. manufacturers and its workforce...We appreciate the Ambassador’s thoughtful approach on addressing these complicated matters in a way that ensures that workers and manufacturing sectors are the center of the trade approach with China." [Statement, 10/4/21]
United Steelworkers International President Tom Conway: "The USW welcomes the Biden administration’s plan for addressing our nation’s trade relationship with China. U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai made clear in her remarks today that we must have a steady approach to confronting the Chinese government’s predatory and protectionist policies rather than the often erratic and limited approach of the Trump administration." [Statement, 10/4/21]
International Brotherhood of Teamsters President Jim Hoffa: “Ambassador Tai’s speech outlining this Administration’s China trade policy was worth the wait. As the only labor representative on her Advisory Committee on Trade Policy and Negotiations, I especially commend the overdue ‘worker-centric’ bottom-line in the holistic and pragmatic approach she described this morning. The Ambassador should expect and enjoy bipartisan support in the Congress and among the larger fair trade networks of family farmers and working families as she prepares for the upcoming frank conversations with the Chinese regime.” [Statement, 10/04/21]
National Association of Manufacturers CEO Jay Timmons: Manufacturers agree with Ambassador Tai that we need a new, holistic and pragmatic approach to our relationship with China. We are pleased that the Biden administration’s approach reflects key priorities for manufacturers in the U.S., including holding China accountable on the ‘Phase One’ deal, allowing manufacturers to seek tariff relief, stepping up direct U.S. engagement with Chinese officials and working with our allies to ensure that the U.S. shapes the global rules for trade. [Statement, 10/04/21]
Chad P. Bown, Co-host Trade Talks Podcast: USTR Katherine Tai gave an important speech today describing the Biden administration's new approach to the US-China trade relationship. Tai highlighted the need to enforce Beijing's commitments under the Phase One agreement. [Twitter, 10/04/21]
Washington Post: White House calls for ‘new course’ on China trade ties
[David Lynch, 10/04/21]

Appearing at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Tai said China’s growth was coming “at the expense of workers and economic opportunity here in the U.S. and other market-based, democratic economies.” She sketched a pattern of Chinese market-distorting behavior, beginning with China’s 2001 entry into the WTO, which enabled it to dominate global markets in steel and solar panels and threaten to do the same in advanced technology industries such as semiconductors.
PBS: U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai addresses ‘complex and competitive’ trade with China
[News Desk, 10/04/21]
U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said Monday that the nation’s trade relationship with China is “one of profound consequence.”
Tai made those remarks during a speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) that focused on the Biden-Harris administration’s approach to the U.S.-China bilateral trade relationship. The administration plans to enforce China’s commitments that benefit certain American industries, including agriculture, as well as start a targeted tariff exclusion process.
CNBC: U.S. trade representative Tai vows to enforce 'phase one' trade deal with China
[Abigail Ng, 10/04/21]
Washington must enforce the U.S.-China phase one trade agreement and will raise broader policy concerns with Beijing, U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai will say Monday, according to her press office.

Bloomberg: U.S. Trade Chief to Engage With China on Trade-Deal Shortfalls
[Jenny Martin, 10/04/21]
The Biden administration will directly engage with Beijing in the coming days to enforce commitments in their trade deal and start a new process to exclude certain products from U.S. tariffs in an effort to help American workers and businesses, senior administration officials said.

Reuters: U.S. Trade Chief Tai seeks talks with China, won't rule out new tariff actions
[David Lawder & Andrea Shalal, 10/04/21]
Top U.S. trade negotiator Katherine Tai on Monday pledged to exclude some Chinese imports from tariffs imposed by former President Donald Trump while pressing Beijing in "frank" talks over its failure to keep promises made in Trump's trade deal and end harmful industrial policies.
Tai said the United States would keep all options open as it continues to push China to stop pouring billions of dollars of state subsidies into its semiconductor, steel and other industries that Washington says harm U.S. companies.
Eric Martin, Bloomberg: USTR Katherine Tai tweets in Mandarin after revealing that the administration will look to engage and speak with China about the bilateral trade relationship. It's definitely a new era at @USTradeRep under @AmbassadorTai [Twitter, 10/04/21]