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Biographies of Key Officials

Many of USTR's senior officials are lawyers and economists with extensive backgrounds in trade law. The senior staff includes about 30 key officials appointed by the U.S. Trade Representative who supervise trade negotiations, monitor trade disputes, enforce laws, and keep a constant flow of communication with Congress, industry, nongovernmental organizations and the public on U.S. trade policy.

United States Trade Representative

Robert E. Lighthizer

Deputy United States Trade Representative

Jeff Gerrish

Deputy United States Trade Representative

C.J. Mahoney

Deputy United States Trade Representative and Chief of Mission, Geneva

Dennis Shea

Chief Agricultural Negotiator

Gregg Doud

Chief Innovation and Intellectual Property Negotiator
Chief of Staff

Jamieson L. Greer

Deputy Chief of Staff

Pamela A. Marcus

General Counsel

Joseph L. Barloon 

Other Senior Officials and Assistant U. S. Trade Representatives (AUSTR)

Fred Ames, AUSTR for Administration

Daniel Bahar, AUSTR for Services and Investment

Michael Beeman, AUSTR for Japan, Korea, and APEC 

David Bisbee, Deputy Chief of Mission, Geneva

Karl Ehlers, AUSTR for Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Jeff Emerson, AUSTR for Public & Media Affairs

Edward Gresser, AUSTR for Trade Policy and Economics

Constance Hamilton, AUSTR for Africa

Bill Jackson, AUSTR for Textiles

Christopher Jackson, AUSTR for Congressional Affairs

Lewis Karesh, AUSTR for Labor

Sharon Bomer Lauritsen, AUSTR for Agricultural Affairs

Daniel Lee, AUSTR for Innovation and Intellectual Property (Acting)

Terrence J. McCartin, AUSTR for China Affairs (Acting)

John Melle, AUSTR for Western Hemisphere

Juan Millan, AUSTR for Monitoring and Enforcement 

L. Daniel Mullaney, AUSTR for Europe and the Middle East

Maria Pagan, Deputy General Counsel

Jennifer Prescott, AUSTR for Environment & Natural Resources

Jim Sanford, AUSTR for Small Business, Market Access, and Industrial Competitiveness

Dawn Shackleford, AUSTR for WTO and Multilateral Affairs 

Christopher Wilson, AUSTR South and Central Asia