A USTR career offers you an opportunity to work for a great federal agency and serve our Nation. That is why we are looking for the best people – the most qualified and highly motivated professionals to serve in the areas of:

  • Trade Negotiations

  • International and Foreign Affairs

  • Financial Management

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Administration

  • Legal

For current opportunities, please visit (search “Executive Office of the President” for USTR vacancies).  Interested applicants must apply directly through the vacancy announcements provided on the USAJOBS website to receive consideration for positions. Each announcement includes details and instructions on how to apply along with required materials to include with your application.


USTR job openings are described in a vacancy announcement. To respond to vacancy announcements, you must submit a resume containing specific information describing your skills, experience, and education level.

Please be sure to read the vacancy announcement very carefully and follow the instructions in the "How to Apply" section of each announcement. Each vacancy announcement will include specific information such as title, duties, salary, location, who can apply, and how to apply.

It is important to submit all required information as specified on the job announcement.  If you do not include all required information as stated on the job announcement, your application will be rejected.

It is also important to remember a private sector resume and a Federal resume are very different.  The private sector typically uses a standard brief resume format while a Federal resume uses a very detailed format.  A private sector resume is often only one or two pages and contains many bullets.  A Federal resume is very narrative and often five or six pages in length.  It is written as if you are talking to a friend and telling them everything you have done and how you did it.  Also, be very specific with your outcomes and timeframes.

The Federal resume and application process is complex and requires applicants to thoroughly read the job vacancy announcement and provide detailed work, education, and special skills and qualifications information.  Your work history and education MUST include the required Duties and Specialized Experience listed in the job announcement to rate high enough on the list to be called for an interview. The format and content is critical!


USAJOBS vacancy announcements are listed under Delegated Examining (DE) or Merit Promotion Program (MP):

Delegated Examining - Delegated Examining is authority granted to Federal agencies by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM). This authority gives the EOP the ability to fill competitive civil service jobs with:

  • Applicants applying from outside the Federal workforce;

  • Federal employees who do not have competitive service status; or

  • Federal employees with competitive service status

Merit Promotion Program - Merit promotion is the system under which agencies consider an employee for vacant positions on the basis of personal merit. Vacant positions are usually filled through competition with applicants (current competitive service employees) being evaluated and ranked for the position on the basis of their experience, education, competencies and performance.

Appointments made by agencies through delegated examining authority are subject to civil service laws and regulations. This is to ensure fair and open competition, recruitment from all segments of society, and selection on the basis of the applicants' competencies or knowledge, skills, and abilities (see 5 U.S.C.2301).

For assistance with the Federal job application process, visit the USAJOBS Help Center .


For current USTR job listings, please refer to the USAJOBS website or click here. (For opportunities, search “Executive Office of the President”)

For information on applying for the USTR Student Internship Program please click here.

For information on applying for USTR Attorney vacancies, please click here.


Fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility (DEIA) in the workplace is one of our top priorities.  At USTR, we celebrate our diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The unique contributions each employee brings to the table make us a stronger, more resilient and more effective team.  We welcome and encourage all interested applicants to apply.