United Arab Emirates — Measures Relating to Trade in Goods and Services, and Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights

Status: Pending

Subject: GATS, GATT 1994, TRIPS,

Respondent: United Arab Emirates

Complainant(s): Qatar,

Third Parties: Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, United States, China, Chinese Taipei, Bahrain, Egypt, European Union, Norway, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Ukraine, Yemen, Japan, Korea, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Australia, Malaysia, Phillippines, Singapore,

Dispute Number: DS526

Link to Dispute Site:

On July 31, 2017, Qatar requested consultations with the United Arab Emirates with respect to measures relating to trade in goods, trade in services and trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights from Qatar.

Qatar claimed that the measures appear to be inconsistent with:

  • Articles I:1, V:2, X:1, X:2, XI:1, and XIII:1 of the GATT 1994;
  • Articles II:1, III:1, III:2, III:3, and XVI of the GATS; and
  • Articles 3 and 4 of the TRIPS Agreement.

On October 6, 2017, Qatar requested the establishment of a panel. At its meeting on October 23, 2017, the DSB deferred the establishment of a panel.

At its meeting on November 22, 2017, the DSB established a panel. Afghanistan, Australia, Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, the European Union, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Philippines, the Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Chinese Taipei, Turkey, Ukraine, the United States and Yemen reserved their third-party rights.

Following the agreement of the parties, the panel was composed on September 3, 2018. Following the passing away of the Chair of the panel, the parties agreed on a new Chair.


Panel Proceedings
Brief Date Brief Description
10/02/2019 U.S. Third Party Executive Summary 
09/18/2019 U.S. Third-Party Answers to Panel Questions 
08/22/2019 U.S. Third-Party Oral Statement