Textiles & Apparel

USTR's Office of Textiles is responsible for international trade negotiations affecting textile and apparel products, at the multilateral, regional and bilateral levels, with a particular emphasis on opening foreign markets to U.S. domestic producers.

The Textiles Office is responsible for ongoing liaison and contact with Congress and domestic stakeholders – including brands, retailers and domestic producers -  on the Administration's trade policy decisions and trade negotiations affecting textile and apparel products.

The office works closely with our trading partners to fully implement our trade agreements, and to work on ways to maximize our industry’s use of existing agreements and programs.   The Office also monitors developments in our trading partner markets to ensure compliance with our trade agreements and preference programs as they affect the textile and apparel sector.

Finally, the office provides technical and policy advice to other USTR offices and other Administration agencies on trade policy issues affecting the textile and apparel sector.

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