Anti-Dumping Measures on Imports of Certain Carbon Steel Welded Pipe from The Separate Customs Territory of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu

Status: Pending

Subject: Anti-dumping Measures,

Respondent: Canada

Complainant(s): Chinese Taipei,

Third Parties: Brazil, United States, China, European Union, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Korea,

Dispute Number: DS482

Link to Dispute Site:

On June 25, 2014, Chinese Taipei requested consultations with Canada with respect to the provisional and definitive anti-dumping measures imposed by Canada on imports of certain carbon steel welded pipe (CSWP) originating in, among others, Chinese Taipei.  On November 7, 2014, Chinese Taipei requested further consultations.  

Chinese Taipei claims that the measures are inconsistent with:

•Articles 1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, 3.4, 3.5, 3.7, 5.8, 6.8, 6.10, 7.1(ii), 7.5, 9.2, 9.3, 18 and Annex II of the Anti-Dumping Agreement; and

•Article VI of the GATT 1994.

On January 22, 2015, Chinese Taipei requested the establishment of a panel.  At its meeting on March 10, 2015, the DSB established a panel.  Brazil, China, the European Union, Korea, Norway, the United Arab Emirates and the United States reserved their third-party rights.


Panel Proceedingss
Brief Date Brief Description
04/01/2016 Third Party Executive Summary of the United States
04/01/2016 Responses of the United States to the Panel’s Questions to the Third Parties
03/17/2016 Third Party Oral Statement of the United States
03/11/2016 Third Party Submission of the United States