On July 20, 2015, Cuba and the United States reopened their respective embassies and reestablished diplomatic relations.  However, the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba remains in place and most transactions between the United States and Cuba continue to be prohibited.  

Since 2000, certain U.S. exports of agricultural goods and medical devices have been permitted.  Other items authorized for export more recently include certain building materials for private residential construction, goods and services for use by private sector Cuban entrepreneurs, and agricultural equipment for small farmers. 

Regarding imports from Cuba, importation of certain goods and services produced by independent Cuban entrepreneurs is allowed. More information on permitted imports is available here.

Cuba Trade Summary

U.S. goods exports to Cuba in 2022 were $372 million, up 13.6 percent ($45 million) from 2021 but down 20 percent from 2012. U.S. goods imports from Cuba totaled $6 million in 2022, up 92.9 percent ($3 million) from 2021, and up 5,811 percent from 2012.  The U.S. goods trade surplus with Cuba was $366 million in 2022, a 12.9 percent increase ($42 million) over 2021.

Further Information

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