The Oklahoman: Farmers seek Congressional approval of the USMCA

Farmers seek Congressional approval of the USMCA
The Oklahoman
By Jack Money
May 24, 2019

Food and crops produced by America’s farmers are affordable, nutritious and safe.

And international trade is as much a key ingredient in achieving those aims as technological and scientific advances because it helps boost commodity prices, which in turn help farmers in Oklahoma and other states thrive.
On Thursday, an organization called Farmers for Free Trade came to Oklahoma City to let representatives of Oklahoma’s Congressional delegation and state and local elected leaders know farmers want the agreement approved as quickly as possible.

The agreement, backers said, sets new rules that would guarantee farmers in Oklahoma and other states renewed, unrestricted access to trading partners in Mexico and Canada.

Its approval means something to Oklahoman farmers, given they exported $154 million worth of agricultural goods to Mexico and Canada in 2018, alone.

Data provided by Farmers for Free Trade said the agricultural exports business supported 1,400 jobs in the state in 2018.

“This is a call to action,” said Angela Hoffman, executive co-director of Farmers for Free Trade.

Rodd Moesel, the Oklahoma Farm Bureau’s president, said farmers' motivation to feed the world has a moral, as much as economic, basis.
"Roughly 40% of all the pork we produce in this country is exported to Mexico and Canada,” Lindsey said.
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