• We seek to obtain, consistent with U.S. priorities and objectives, appropriate commitments by the EU to protect the environment, including conserving natural resources, and to effectively enforce environmental laws, and seek opportunities to address environmental issues of mutual interest.

The United States is a leader in seeking high levels of environmental protection and the effective enforcement of environmental laws in trade agreements.  We include strong environmental commitments in our trade agreements to help ensure that our trading partners do not weaken environmental protections in order to encourage trade or investment.  Through our agreements, the United States has joined with trading partners in eliminating barriers to trade in cutting-edge environmental technologies like clean energy, promoting the protection of wildlife and endangered species, and addressing key issues like harmful fisheries subsidies and illegal logging.  

The United States and Europe already maintain high levels of environmental protection.  T-TIP should reflect this shared commitment, which may become a model for others to follow, and encourage even greater transatlantic cooperation.

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