Rules of Origin

  • We seek to establish rules of origin that ensure that duty rates under an agreement with the EU apply only to goods eligible to receive such treatment and define procedures to apply and enforce such rules.

We believe that only qualifying U.S. and EU goods should benefit from the T-TIP agreement, not goods produced in third countries.  Our larger companies with complex supply chains and our smaller businesses that can’t afford consultants gain when they can determine whether their exports or imports will be subject to reduced or zero duties when crossing borders.  Through T-TIP, we will seek to put objective and transparent rules online that explain: (i) to U.S. exporters and producers whether their goods qualify for preferential treatment when shipped to the EU; and (ii) to U.S. importers whether their goods qualify for preferential treatment when shipped from the EU.  Rules of origin would also establish clear, transparent procedures for claiming origin and record-keeping and other requirements for those who prepare origin certifications.

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