Government Procurement

  • We seek to expand market access opportunities for U.S. goods, services, and suppliers of goods and services to the government procurement markets of the EU and its Member States;
  • We seek to ensure fair, transparent, and predictable conduct of government procurement and that U.S. suppliers of goods and services receive treatment as favorable as that accorded to domestic and other foreign goods, services, and suppliers in the EU and its Member States.

Both U.S. and European governments buy a broad range of goods and services from private sector businesses, which leads to job-supporting opportunities for industries that provide information technology goods, consulting services, infrastructure, and other products.  Achieving our T-TIP objectives will ensure U.S. companies get a fair shot at eligible government procurement opportunities, as well as open new opportunities for U.S. companies in the 28 EU Member States.  This would mean expanded opportunities to bid on government contracts in areas including construction, engineering, and medical devices.

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