Intellectual Property Rights

  • We seek to obtain, consistent with U.S. priorities and objectives, appropriate commitments that reflect the shared U.S.-EU objective of high-level IPR protection and enforcement, and to sustain and enhance joint leadership on IPR issues;
  • We seek new opportunities to advance and defend the interests of U.S. creators, innovators, businesses, farmers, and workers with respect to strong protection and effective enforcement of intellectual property rights, including their ability to compete in foreign markets.

The United States and the EU have the world’s most successful creative industries, and intellectual property protection and enforcement are essential for encouraging innovation in new technologies, stimulating investment in research and development, and supporting exports of U.S. products and the creation of American jobs.  Nearly 40 million American jobs are directly or indirectly attributable to “IP intensive” industries.  These jobs pay higher wages to their workers, and these industries drive approximately 60 percent of U.S. merchandise exports and a large share of services exports.  We will seek in T-TIP to build on shared strengths and principles reflective of our strong and balanced systems, while promoting good policies in third countries as well.

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