Dispute Settlement

  • We seek to establish fair, transparent, timely, and effective procedures to settle disputes on matters arising under a trade and investment agreement with the EU, including through early identification and settlement of disputes through consultation.

We recognize that trade agreements that are effectively enforced establish a set of high-standard rules and obligations that help keep markets open to U.S. exporters and investors and ensure a level playing field.  When we negotiate and implement a trade agreement, we expect our trading partners to stick by the rules and obligations they agreed to.  However, when our trading partners fall short of what they promised – whether to reduce tariffs, implement strong labor and environment provisions, or otherwise provide U.S. exporters fair and non-discriminatory treatment – we need a means to hold them accountable.  This is why we have this important objective to establish a fair and open dispute settlement mechanism.  Dispute settlement gives us a means to discuss our concerns in a timely way and to seek compensation if they are not addressed.  Dispute settlement with trading partners in T-TIP will give the American public the confidence that we not only negotiate strong, high-standard obligations, but that we also have the means to enforce them.

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