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New Zealand

The United States and New Zealand engage regularly to discuss trade and investment issues, including under our 1992 Trade and Investment Framework Agreement.  For information on upcoming U.S. meetings with New Zealand, see the Calendar of Events page.

Over the past decade, U.S. goods exports to New Zealand have grown 32 percent, while U.S. services exports have grown 74 percent.  The top goods U.S. export categories in 2016 were aircraft, machinery, special other, vehicles, and optical and medical instruments. U.S. total exports of agricultural products to New Zealand totaled $359 million in 2016, with leading domestic export categories including dairy products, prepared food, dog and cat food, fresh fruit, and tree nuts. In 2016, New Zealand was our 47th largest goods trading partner, while the United States was New Zealand’s third largest trading partner, after China and Australia.  The stock of U.S. foreign direct investment (FDI) in New Zealand totaled $7.2 billion in 2015 (latest data available, while the stock of New Zealand's FDI in the United States totaled $585 million in 2015 (latest data available).

New Zealand has actively pursued FTAs with other countries in the Asia Pacific and has agreements with Australia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and the ASEAN countries, among others.  New Zealand also is participating in the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the 16-member Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership negotiations.