The United States and Laos meet regularly under our 2016 Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA), which provides a platform for addressing bilateral issues, monitoring Laos’ implementation of its WTO accession commitments, and coordinating on regional and multilateral issues. The latest information regarding significant trade barriers can be found in the 2021 National Trade Estimate Report, see here.

Laos Trade Summary

U.S. goods exports to Laos in 2022 were $40 million, up 20.9 percent ($7 million) from 2021 and up 21 percent from 2012. U.S. goods imports from Laos totaled $274 million in 2022, up 24.5 percent ($54 million) from 2021, and up 993 percent from 2012.  The U.S. goods trade deficit with Laos was $233 million in 2022, a 25.1 percent increase ($47 million) over 2021.


•    Data on U.S. FDI in Laos are not available. 

•    Data on Laos's FDI in the U.S. are not available. 

NOTE: No services trade data with Laos are available.