KORUS Committees and Working Groups

The U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement established a number of committees and working groups to discuss and resolve issues that may arise in those areas. Meetings of these committees and working groups have not yet been scheduled, but USTR will work closely with Korea to arrange an appropriate schedule in the near future. Information on the mandate of each committee and working group, as well as information on how frequently meetings of those groups should be held, can be found in the articles of the agreement (identified below) that establish the respective groups. For further questions, please contact our Korea office at or (202) 395-5070.

Committee or Working Group Name Chapter
Joint Committee 22: Institutional Provisions and Dispute Settlement (Art. 22.2)
Committee on Trade in Goods  2: National Treatment and Market Access for Goods (Art. 2.14) 
Committee on Agricultural Trade 3: Agriculture (Art. 3.4) 
Committee on Textiles and Apparel Trade Matters 4: Textiles and Apparel (Art. 4.4) 
Medicines and Medical Devices Committee  5. Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices (Art. 5.7)
SPS Committee  8. Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (Art. 8.3) 
TBT Committee 9. Technical Barriers to Trade (Art. 9.8)
Automotive Working Group  9. Technical Barriers to Trade (Annex 9-B)
Committee on Trade Remedies  10: Trade Remedies  (Art. 10.8)
Professional Services Working Group  12: Cross-Border Trade in Services (Annex 12-A) 
Financial Services Committee  13: Financial Services (Art. 13.16)
Insurance Working Group  13: Financial Services (Annex 13-C)
Government Procurement Working Group 17: Government Procurement (Art. 17.10)
Labor Affairs Council 19: Labor (Art.19.5)
Environmental Affairs Council  20: Environment (Art. 20.6)
Committee on Outward Processing Zones 22: Institutional Provisions and Dispute Settlement (Annex 22-B)
Fisheries Committee 22: Institutional Provisions and Dispute Settlement (Annex 22-C)
Committee on Services and Investment  Established by exchange of letters Oct 30, 2011.  Covers Investment, Cross-Border Trade in Services, and Telecommunications (Chapters 11, 12, and 14) 
Working Group on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) Oct 30, 2011 exchange of letters