Readout of Ambassador Katherine Tai's Meeting with Singapore's Minister for Trade and Industry Gan Kim Yong

April 05, 2022

SINGAPORE – United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai met today with Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry (MTI) Gan Kim Yong.

During the meeting, Ambassador Tai and Minister Gan continued their discussion on key issues following the meeting of the FTA Joint Committee on October 8, 2021.  In particular, Ambassador Tai welcomed recent engagement on trade and environmental issues, including review of the implementation of environmental commitments under the FTA Environment chapter.

Ambassador Tai reiterated the United States’ commitment to the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework and detailed elements of the Framework’s trade pillar.  Ambassador Tai highlighted the United States’ desire to work with Indo-Pacific partners to establish a high-ambition framework that advances resilience, inclusion, sustainability, and the interests of respective workers and entrepreneurs in the United States, Singapore, and across the region.

Ambassador Tai also noted the recently accredited USTR position of a Senior Trade Representative within the U.S. Embassy in Singapore, and thanked Minister Gan for his support. This position underscores USTR’s commitment to the bilateral trade relationship and the importance of maintaining regular communication between the two countries.