Statement from Ambassador Katherine Tai on the Remediation Plan to Address Denial of Workers' Rights in Mexico

July 08, 2021

WASHINGTON – Ambassador Katherine Tai today released a statement after the United States and Mexico jointly announced a remediation plan to address the denial of the right of free association and collective bargaining to workers at a General Motors facility in Silao, Mexico.  The plan will provide workers with the ability to vote on whether to approve their collective bargaining agreement in free and democratic conditions.

“Reaching an agreement with Mexico on a remediation plan shows the USMCA’s potential to protect workers’ rights and the benefits of a worker-centered trade policy. Fully implementing and enforcing the USMCA not only helps workers there, it also helps American workers by preventing trade from becoming a race to the bottom. Our agreements must be more than words on a page, and the United States will use every avenue to protect workers and ensure that Americans compete on a level playing field.

“The action announced today complements Mexico’s important labor law reforms, and I commend the Mexican government for taking swift action when they recognized that workers’ rights were denied. Their partnership was instrumental in addressing this issue and shows that our countries can continue working to strengthen our important trade and economic relationship.”