Laurie-Ann Agama

Assistant United States Trade Representative for Economic Affairs

Laurie-Ann Agama is the Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Economic Affairs. Laurie-Ann joined USTR in 2004 as Director for African Affairs in the Office of African Affairs.  In 2012, she joined the Office of Economics as the Deputy Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Economic Affairs.  Laurie-Ann recently served as Acting Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Textiles in the Office of Textiles.  In these various roles, she provided leadership for USTR’s strategic planning processes.  She also provided advice on textile and apparel trade policy matters, led U.S. trade negotiations on Inclusivity with Kenya and IPEF trading partners, and provided statistical and economic analysis and advice to support U.S. trade policy development and its implementation, dispute settlement cases and enforcement, and to resolve various trade policy and investment-related issues.  Prior to joining USTR, Laurie-Ann worked for the United States International Trade Commission. She holds Masters and Doctorate degrees in Economics from McGill University.