U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement Negotiations

On September 26, 2018, President Trump and Prime Minister Abe announced that the United States and Japan would begin negotiations for a U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement. On October 16, 2018, USTR officially notified Congress that the Trump Administration intended to start negotiations following the completion of necessary domestic procedures. This began a Congressionally-mandated 90-day consultation period under Trade Promotion Authority prior to the launch of negotiations. Public comments on the negotiating objectives for a trade agreement were due on November 26, 2018, and detailed negotiating objectives were released on December 21, 2018. Negotiations started in April 2019.

On October 7, 2019, USTR Robert Lighthizer and Ambassador of Japan to the United States Shinsuke J. Sugiyama signed the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement and U.S.-Japan Digital Trade Agreement. Following the finalization of domestic procedures, both agreements entered into force on January 1, 2020. As announced in the September 25, 2019, Joint Statement of the United States and Japan, the United States and Japan intend to conclude consultations within 4 months after the date of entry into force of the United States-Japan Trade Agreement and enter into negotiations thereafter in the areas of customs duties and other restrictions on trade, barriers to trade in services and investment, and other issues in order to promote mutually beneficial, fair, and reciprocal trade. 

Joint Statement on the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement - September 26, 2018

Notification Letter to Congress - October 16, 2018

Link to Federal Register notice: Request for Comments on Negotiating Objectives for a U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement 

U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement: Public Hearing Schedule - December 10, 2018

Transcript of Public Hearing on U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement - December 10, 2018

United States-Japan Trade Agreement Negotiations Summary of Specific Negotiating Objectives, December 2018

Statement from USTR on April 15-16, 2019 Meetings to Discuss the United States-Japan Trade Agreement 

Joint Statement of the U.S. and Japan on the United States-Japan Trade Agreement and the United States-Japan Digital Trade Agreement - September 25, 2019

Fact Sheet: U.S.-Japan Trade AgreementSeptember 25, 2019

Fact Sheet: Agriculture-Related Provisions of the U.S.-Japan Trade AgreementSeptember 25, 2019

Presidential Proclamation to Implement the U.S.-Japan Trade Agreement - December 30, 2019