Readout of Ambassador Tai’s Meeting with Brazilian Labor and Environmental Leaders

March 08, 2023

BRASILIA – United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai today met with wide variety of civil society leaders representing labor unions, environmental groups, and advocates for inclusion and diversity.  Ambassador Tai highlighted the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to working with the new Lula Administration to drive a race to the top in trade with high labor standards, environmental sustainability, and inclusive prosperity.
Ambassador Tai sought their views on opportunities for the United States and Brazil to work together.  Labor union representatives discussed the foundational role of workers in building and sustaining a strong economy, and the global challenge of combatting forced labor.  Environmental stakeholders discussed opportunities in the bioeconomy, as well as enforcement tools to combat deforestation, and from advocates for inclusion she heard about the need to be sure all people have the opportunity to be part of the trade conversation and an equitable economy.
Ambassador Tai emphasized her dedication to increased engagement with Brazilian civil society as the United States and Brazil work together in support of the shared values between both countries  as they work to expand bilateral trade and investment.