Readout of Ambassador Katherine Tai’s Meeting with Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Hadja Lahbib

March 14, 2023

WASHINGTON – United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai today met with Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs Hadja Lahbib and emphasized their commitment to strengthening the transatlantic relationship and the critical role of the U.S.-EU Trade and Technology Council.  Ambassador Tai and Minister Lahbib discussed the ongoing U.S-EU negotiations for a global arrangement on sustainable steel and aluminum.  Ambassador Tai emphasized that the global arrangement can help fight the climate crisis, address non-market excess capacity and defend our workers, industries, and communities by preserving our critical steel and aluminum industries.  

Ambassador Tai and Minister Lahbib also discussed the ongoing implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act.  Ambassador Tai highlighted the substantive consultations with Europe through the U.S. – EU Inflation Reduction Act Task Force and expressed her optimism that the United States and European Union can work together closely to create good paying jobs and tackle the climate crisis.  The Ambassador and Minster Lahbib also discussed the importance of the multilateral trade system and the need to reform the World Trade Organization so it is more responsive to the challenges and opportunities in today’s economy.   

Ambassador Tai and Miniter Lahbib agreed to stay in close touch on these and other important issues.