USTR Kirk Addresses Workers in Pennsylvania on Obama Administration Enforcement of U.S. Trade Agreements

July 30, 2010

Washington, Pennsylvania – Today outside of Pittsburgh, United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk spoke to Pennsylvania manufacturing workers about how the Obama Administration has stepped up enforcement of U.S. trade agreements to sustain and create American jobs. Speaking to workers at the Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI) plant in Washington, Pennsylvania, Ambassador Kirk said that the Administration’s enforcement actions are supporting the rights of American businesses and workers in the global marketplace.

“My job as United States Trade Representative is to make sure that U.S. workers are on a level playing field with competitors around the world. Since my very first day on the job, I have worked to restore your trust in the fact that trade can work – and does work – for you,” Kirk told manufacturing workers at ATI. “The Obama Administration’s trade enforcement actions are helping to sustain jobs in America by making sure that U.S. trading partners adhere to their agreements, respect U.S. trading rights, and play by the rules.”

Ambassador Kirk described how the Obama Administration’s robust approach to trade, combining tough trade enforcement and smart trade expansion, contributes to President Obama’s National Export Initiative and the job creation that underpins the Administration’s overall economic recovery strategy. He also announced that that the United States will file a case against Guatemala under the Dominican Republic-Central America-United States Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR), for apparent violations of obligations on labor rights – the first labor case the United States has ever brought against a trade agreement partner.

Further details on the newly announced case, as well as the full text of Ambassador Kirk’s speech, details of Obama Administration enforcement actions, and photos of today’s visit, are available at