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Auburn Leather Company

Auburn Leather Company of Auburn, Kentucky is a global-leading manufacturer of quality Made-in-America leather. The company specializes in the manufacture of Genuine Rawhide Leather Laces for the footwear market, specialty leathers for sporting goods, and finished leather goods.

With export sales of $14.6 million in 2014, the company exports to 29 countries, including TPP partners Vietnam, Mexico, Canada, and Japan and T-TIP partners Netherland, France, Spain, Germany, the UK, Italy, Greece, and Ireland. Exports make up 78 percent of the company’s sales and directly support 86 of the company’s 110 employees. Auburn Leather Company could benefit from the elimination of tariffs on its products and streamlined regulations as a result of TPP and T-TIP.

  • Ships to TPP partner countries
  • Ships to T-TIP partner countries
  • 78% of sales depend on exports
  • Faces tariffs as high as 20% in TPP countries