WTO Issues

At the core of the  World Trade Organization (WTO) are the WTO Agreements—collectively, these are the rules that address the issues and problems arising in international trade.  They have been negotiated and signed by the bulk of the world’s trading nations and approved by their parliaments.

While each Agreement covers different issues, all of the Agreements take a similar approach to establishing the benefits and obligations that define the international trading system: transparency, predictability, accountability, and rule of law. In addition, each Agreement has a Committee or Working Group charged with implementing its provisions and providing a forum for discussion and consultation under the rules on the issues as they arise.

The USTR Office of WTO and Multilateral Affairs (WAMA) is responsible for coordinating and developing U.S. policies and positions that address these WTO issues, and for participating in the work of the WTO's standing and ad hoc bodies that implement the WTO Agreements.