United States-Argentina Hold Bilateral Council On Trade And Investment

April 30, 2010

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Ambassador Miriam Sapiro, Deputy United States Trade Representative, and Ambassador Alfredo Chiaradia, Secretary of Trade and International Economic Relations, met today under the auspices of the U.S.-Argentina Bilateral Council on Trade and Investment. This was the first meeting between the United States and Argentina under this mechanism in seven years. The purpose of the meeting was to advance the two countries’ reciprocal trade and investment interests and to strengthen coordination on multilateral trade liberalization efforts.   

“The United States appreciates the opportunity to engage with the Government of Argentina to discuss ways to resolve bilateral trade problems and strengthen our relationship. I was pleased to welcome Ambassador Chiaradia to USTR and look forward to today’s meeting delivering tangible results in the days ahead,” said Ambassador Sapiro.  


Argentina is currently the United States 41st largest trading partner with $9.4 billion total in two-way trade in goods during 2009. In 2009, U.S. exports to Argentina totaled $5.6 billion and goods imports totaled $3.9 billion, for a goods surplus of $1.7 billion.   

The Bilateral Council on Trade Investment (BCTI) was established in 2002 by the Office of the United States Trade Representative and the Government of Argentina in order to enhance bilateral and investment relations. This is the first meeting of the BCTI since 2003.