Readout of Ambassador Tai’s Dialogue with G20 Trade Ministers on WTO Dispute Settlement Reform

September 21, 2022

BALI, Indonesia – United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai today convened an informal dialogue with several G20 Members about WTO dispute settlement reform on the margins of the G20 Trade, Investment and Industry Ministerial Meeting in Bali, Indonesia. 
During the meeting, Ambassador Tai shared her view that fundamental reform of WTO dispute settlement must reflect the real interests of all WTO Members, including Members that have not traditionally turned to formal dispute settlement.  She stressed that the ongoing reform conversation should continue to work towards a system that meets the needs of all Members.  Ambassador Tai identified the United States’ areas of interest and invited participants to offer views on possible improvements to dispute settlement, including how a reformed dispute settlement system can better help Members resolve a dispute in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  
Representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Indonesia and South Africa attended the meeting where Ambassador Tai underscored her commitment to U.S. engagement on WTO dispute settlement reform.  She stated her interest in convening future meetings with Ministers in different configurations in order to continue this dialogue.