Complaint by Brazil.

On 7 November 2001, Brazil requested consultations with Argentina in respect of the definitive anti-dumping duties imposed by Argentina on imports of poultry from Brazil, classified under Mercosur tariff line 0207.11.00 and 0207.12.00. These measures were adopted by the Ministry of Economy of Argentina in Resolution 574 from 21 July 2000, published in the Argentinean Official Gazette on 24 July 2000.

Complaints by Brazil (WT/DS269) and Thailand (WT/DS286).

On 11 October 2002, Brazil requested consultations with the European Communities concerning EC Commission Regulation No. 1223/2002 ("Regulation No. 1223/2002"), of 8 July 2002, which provides a new description of frozen boneless chicken cuts under the EC Combined Nomenclature ("CN") code 0207.14.10.