USTR Releases 2022 President’s Trade Policy Agenda and 2021 Annual Report

March 01, 2022

WASHINGTON – Ambassador Katherine Tai and the Office of the United States Trade Representative today delivered President Biden’s 2022 Trade Policy Agenda and 2021 Annual Report to Congress. This report details USTR’s work to implement the Biden Administration’s trade priorities and advance a worker-centered trade policy.
“President Biden believes that America is at its best when we are leading on the world stage to deliver economic prosperity and growth to our citizens and communities,” Ambassador Tai said. “The 2022 Trade Policy Agenda and 2021 Annual Report provide a detailed look at some of the key accomplishments in the first year of the Biden Administration, and how we intend to build on this progress. I look forward to continuing to lead this office and working with my colleagues across the administration to deliver on President Biden’s vision for trade that is equitable, fair, and lasting.”
Over the last year, USTR has pursued a new approach to trade policy that empowers workers, defends their rights, and encourages a race to the top. By reaching new and historic agreements with our allies, Ambassador Tai and USTR have revitalized important global partnerships and built coalitions around shared priorities and values.
To advance a worker-centered trade policy, Ambassador Tai and USTR have consulted extensively with Congress and a wide range of key stakeholders to develop a comprehensive agenda that ensures the benefits of trade reaches everyone, rather than a select few.
The 2022 Trade Policy Agenda and 2021 Annual Report highlight several notable accomplishments over the last year, including USTR’s work to promote sustainable environmental practices in trade policy, enforce existing agreements, improve the resilience of global supply chains, and combat the COVID-19 pandemic. It also details how USTR and the Biden Administration have re-aligned the United States-China bilateral trade relationship in order to defend the rights of American workers, farmers, producers, and businesses and ensure they can fairly compete on a level playing field.
In 2022, USTR will continue to implement President Biden’s trade priorities as the United States recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and builds back better. Ambassador Tai and USTR look forward to releasing additional details in the near future on the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, a key part of the Administration’s Indo-Pacific Strategy that will strengthen the United States’ ties to an important and dynamic region. Additionally, USTR will continue to support the Biden Administration’s work to coordinate with our allies on shared priorities, while exploring new partnerships around the world.
The full report can be viewed here.
A fact sheet outlining key aspects of the President’s 2022 Trade Policy Agenda and 2021 Annual Report is available here.
The 2022 Trade Policy Agenda and 2021 Annual Report of the President of the United States on the Trade Agreements Program are submitted to the Congress pursuant to Section 163 of the Trade Act of 1974, as amended.