Tai, Raimondo Statements on 232 Tariff Agreement with Japan

February 07, 2022

Agreement will counter practices by China that harm our industries and workers, showcasing the strength of the U.S.-Japan relationship

Today, United States Trade Representative Katherine C. Tai and United States Secretary of Commerce Gina M. Raimondo announced a new 232 tariff agreement with Japan to allow historically-based sustainable volumes of Japanese steel products to enter the U.S. market without the application of Section 232 tariffs. This deal will help ensure the long-term viability of our steel industry and protect American jobs. It is also part of our efforts to  provide relief for American manufacturers who rely on readily accessible, affordable steel to make their products and lower prices for American families.
The deal is another example of President Biden’s focus on strengthening relationships with our vital Allies and partners, and working with them to address unfair practices by countries like China together.

Ambassador Tai and Secretary Raimondo released the following statements:

Statement from Ambassador Katharine Tai:

“Since Day One, the Biden Administration has been committed to working with our allies and partners to address shared challenges. In reaching this agreement with Japan, one of our most important trading partners, we are taking another step forward in our mission to rebuild and revitalize these important relationships.

“This agreement, combined with last year’s resolution with the European Union, will help us work together with Japan to combat China’s anti-competitive, non-market trade actions in the steel sector, while helping us reach President Biden’s ambitious global climate agenda.
“Importantly, this agreement represents an important example of our worker-centered trade policy in action. It will defend opportunities for a vital American industry, our workers, and their families as we work to deliver trade policies that can unlock broad-based economic prosperity and growth.”

Statement from Commerce Secretary Gina M. Raimondo:

“As part of our work to reinvigorate America’s manufacturing economy and bring down costs for consumers and businesses, President Biden directed us to renegotiate the 232 steel measures with Japan to allow duty-free imports into the United States. I’m pleased to announce the deal we reached will strengthen America’s steel industry and ensure its workforce stays competitive, while also providing more access to cheaper steel and addressing a major irritant between the United States and Japan, one of our most important allies.

“Today’s announcement builds on the deal we struck with the EU and will further help us rebuild relationships with our allies around the world as we work to fight against China’s unfair trade practices and create a more competitive global economy for America’s families, businesses and workers.

“I’d like to sincerely thank our counterpart at Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hagiuda Koichi, for his determination and resolve, as well as Ambassador Rahm Emanuel for his partnership in this effort.”