Statement From Ambassador Katherine Tai Commemorating the Start of National American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month

November 01, 2021

WASHINGTON – United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai today released the following statement to commemorate the start of National American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month:
“November is an opportunity to celebrate the rich history of Native Americans and Alaska Natives.  It is an opportunity to honor their resilience and strength, even as they faced violence and discrimination in the past that drove them from their land and sought to eradicate their way of life.  And it is an opportunity to recognize the work we must still do to right wrongs and forge stronger ties with Tribal communities based on trust and respect.
“In the first week of his Administration, President Biden signed a memorandum reaffirming the United States’ obligations to Tribal Nations and instructed Cabinet agencies to engage with Tribal officials on issues of shared importance. The entire Biden-Harris Administration has heeded his call and we are committed to strengthening the Nation-to-Nation relationship.
“At USTR, we believe that developing a more inclusive agenda through a more inclusive process will expand opportunities for Tribal-owned businesses and ensure the benefits of trade reach Tribal communities that have been historically overlooked or underserved. And our office is proud to partner with the White House Council on Native American Affairs and Tribal Nations to achieve broad-based economic growth, combat climate change, and improve tribal consultation.
“This month, we recognize the invaluable contributions Tribal communities have made in the advancement of our society, honor their sovereignty, and pledge to respect their culture for generations to come.”