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AUSTR Christine Bliss Speaks on Services Panel

Earlier this afternoon, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) for Services and Investment Christine Bliss spoke on a panel for the Congressional Services Caucus. The event focused on the importance of services to the economy and how to expand export markets for U.S. service providers.

Bliss spoke about increasing services trade and investment, and current service priorities in the Doha world trade talks.

"The most important message I can deliver is that Ambassador Kirk and President Obama made it clear that the services sector is recognized as a key aspect of the US economy and continuing to keep it robust and growing is a very, very important economic objective. And one that we can achieve through pursuing the trade agreements that we have whether through free trade agreements bilaterally, or multilaterally through the Doha Developmental Agenda."

When asked what USTR strategies for promoting services in the Doha round are against the interests of other countries that would like to see more focus on manufacturing and agriculture, Bliss explained how services fall into the overall balance of a successful Doha round.

"Ambassador Kirk has made it clear, as he has begun to engage other countries on Doha, that [U.S. market-opening] priorities are not just in manufacturing and agriculture, but in services as well.  He has also begun to talk to other countries about the importance of services - not only to us but also to other economies. ...We see services just as important to the many emerging markets as they are to the United States."

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