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Christine Bliss
Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Services and Investment

Christine Bliss is Assistant USTR for Services and Investment, responsible for overseeing all multilateral and bilateral services and investment negotiations and policy issues. Ms. Bliss is the lead U.S. negotiator in the WTO services negotiations and has negotiated the services and financial services chapters in the Morocco, CAFTA, and Bahrain FTAs.

Ms. Bliss has also served as Chief Counsel and Acting Assistant USTR for Monitoring and Enforcement, responsible for managing U.S. litigation in the WTO, NAFTA, and other multilateral and bilateral trade agreements.

Before joining USTR in 2000, Ms. Bliss was Counsel to the Emergency Committee for American Trade, an association representing U.S. Fortune 500 firms on international trade, investment, and tax issues. Prior to joining ECAT, Ms. Bliss had a wide range of experience in private practice representing foreign and domestic clients on international trade, regulatory, legislative, and policy issues as a partner in the firm of Mudge, Rose, Guthrie and Ferdon and on Capitol Hill as a legislative assistant.

Ms. Bliss is a member of the D.C. and California Bars and received her J.D. degree from the University of California at Davis and LLM from George Washington University