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Ask The Ambassador: Selecting Questions

Welcome to the Ask the Ambassador portion of our blog. We have received many questions and comments from not just across the United States, but also from different regions of the world. This blog will feature questions that express common themes running throughout the questions we receive.

We received many questions about the selection process for posting questions that we receive on our blog. Jeffrey, from Texas, asked us why we only select specific questions to feature.

Ambassador Kirk responds:

"Since the creation of the "Ask the Ambassador" feature, USTR has received many questions and comments from around the world. USTR responds directly to every submission. However, as Jeffrey noted, we are only able to feature a handful of questions every week on our blog due to the high volume of submissions. We review every submission and then choose to feature entries that touch on currently active trade police issues, that offer opportunities to further explain various trade policy initiatives and decisions, or submissions that contain common themes and questions. It is our hope to have a robust conversation on trade with visitors across America and the world."

Thank you for your questions and comments this week. We hope that this is just the beginning of a great conversation on trade.