Executive Branch Agencies on the Trade Policy Staff Committee and the Trade Policy Review Group

The Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has primary responsibility, with the advice of the interagency trade policy organization, for developing and coordinating the implementation of U.S. trade policy, including on commodity matters and, to the extent they are related to trade, direct investment matters.  Under the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, the U.S. Congress established an interagency trade policy mechanism to assist with the implementation of these responsibilities. This organization, as it has evolved, consists of tiers of committees that constitute the principal mechanism for advising USTR as it develops and coordinates U.S. Government positions on international trade and trade-related investment issues.  USTR chairs and administers both the Trade Policy Review Group (TPRG) and the Trade Policy Staff Committee (TPSC).

Executive Branch Members of the TPRG and TPSC

Department of Commerce

Department of Agriculture

Department of State

Department of Treasury

Department of Labor

Department of Justice

Department of Defense

Department of Interior

Department of Transportation

Department of Energy

Department of Health and Human Services

Department of Homeland Security

Environmental Protection Agency

Office of Management and Budget

Council of Economic Advisors

Council on Environmental Quality

Agency for International Development

Small Business Administration

National Economic Council

National Security Council

U.S. International Trade Commission (non-voting member)