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State-Owned Enterprises and Competition Policy

State-Owned Enterprises
Leveling the playing field for American workers through fair competition.
In TPP, the United States is pursuing pioneering rules to ensure that private sector businesses and workers are able to compete on fair terms with State-owned enterprises (SOEs), especially when such SOEs receive government backing to engage in commercial activity. SOEs are increasingly competing with U.S. businesses and workers on a global scale, in many cases distorting global markets, blocking U.S. exports, and undercutting U.S. workers with cheap subsidies and preferential regulatory treatment. TPP is an opportunity to put in place ground-breaking provisions and to help drive a higher global standard of fairness.
  • Ensure that SOEs make commercial purchases and sales on the basis of commercial considerations.
  • Ensure that we retain the ability to support SOEs engaged in providing domestic public services.
  • Ensure that SOEs that receive subsidies do not harm U.S. businesses and workers.
  • Ensure that SOEs do not discriminate against the enterprises, goods, and services of other Parties.
  • Establish rules that will provide transparency with respect to SOEs.
Competition Policy
Benefitting American consumers through fair competition.
U.S. goals on competition policy are grounded in long-standing principles of fair competition, consumer protection, and transparency. The United States is seeking rules to prohibit anticompetitive business conduct, as well as fraudulent and deceptive commercial activities that harm consumers.
  • Ensure TPP countries adopt or maintain laws that prohibit fraudulent and deceptive commercial activities that cause harm or potential harm to consumers.
  • Secure commitments to adopt or maintain national competition laws that proscribe anticompetitive business conduct and work to apply these laws to all commercial activities in their territories.
  • Establish basic rules for procedural fairness on competition law enforcement.