Statement from Ambassador Katherine Tai on the Groundbreaking Fisheries Outcome

June 17, 2022

"Today WTO Members took a positive step forward to protect our fisheries resources for future generations by agreeing to the first ever multilateral trade agreement with environment at its core. The Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies prohibits subsidies to those engaged in IUU fishing, for fishing overfished stocks, and for fishing on the unregulated high seas.
"These strong disciplines target the worst activities that lead to the depletion of fish stocks; further, the Agreement contains strong transparency provisions that will add significant understanding of the universe of fish subsidies. This agreement will also take a step forward in the fight against forced labor on fishing vessels, with an IUU discipline that covers fishing related activities that may be associated with such practices. 
"With a commitment to also continue negotiations to build on these disciplines with additional provisions on subsidies that contribute to overfishing and overcapacity, the United States will continue to pursue more ambitious disciplines in the future, including enhanced transparency with respect to forced labor, shining a light on this egregious practice and with the aim of improving the lives of fishers and workers."