United States Welcomes Successful Conclusion of Negotiation of WTO Joint Statement Initiative On Services Domestic Regulation

December 02, 2021

GENEVA – The United States joined over 60 World Trade Organization (WTO) Members, representing more than 90 percent of global services trade, in announcing the successful conclusion of negotiations of the WTO Joint Statement Initiative on Services Domestic Regulation (DR JSI). The negotiated rules will improve the transparency and fairness of processes for obtaining authorizations to provide services by professionals and firms in a wide array of fields. 
“The United States has long championed transparency and fairness of regulatory rules as a fundamental feature of good governance, and the DR JSI is an opportunity to strengthen such standards around the globe,” said United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai. “This initiative is the first successful WTO services negotiation in years, and shows how WTO Members can take practical, common sense steps to address clearly defined trade problems.”