Readout of Ambassador Katherine Tai's Meeting with Mexico’s Secretary of Economy Raquel Buenrostro

December 01, 2022

WASHINGTON – United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai today met with Mexico’s Secretary of Economy, Raquel Buenrostro.  Ambassador Tai and Secretary Buenrostro emphasized the importance of the U.S.-Mexico economic relationship and their shared commitment to strengthening North American economic integration through the USMCA. 

During the meeting, Ambassador Tai reiterated the importance of the full implementation of the USMCA’s prohibition on the importation of goods made with forced labor.  Ambassador Tai also underscored the urgency of prompt and meaningful progress in our ongoing consultations under the USMCA regarding Mexico’s energy measures and Mexico’s enforcement of its fisheries-related environmental laws.  Moreover, Ambassador Tai again stressed the importance of avoiding any disruption in U.S. corn exports to Mexico, including for both feed and human consumption, and adherence to a science- and risk-based regulatory approval process for all agricultural biotechnology products in Mexico.