Acting Deputy USTR Wendy Cutler to Host U.S.-Japan Bilateral Meetings on the Trans-Pacific Partnership


Washington, D.C. - During March 27-28, Acting Deputy USTR Cutler will meet Ambassador Hiroshi Oe of Japan in Washington, D.C., to continue bilateral market access negotiations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Several days of working-level meetings on market access will also take place between the American and Japanese negotiating teams beginning March 26.

During March 31-April 1, U.S.-Japan parallel negotiations, focusing on motor vehicle trade, will also take place in Washington, D.C., and will be led by Acting Deputy USTR Cutler with Ambassador Takeo Mori of Japan.

These negotiations are taking place in conjunction with the agreement between Ambassador Froman and Minister Amari of Japan to continue work to seek to narrow gaps between the United States and Japan in the TPP negotiations, with a particular focus on these two priority areas.