Affordable Care Act Supports U.S. Job Creation

Washington, DC – United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk issued the following statement today in advance of a vote in the House of Representatives regarding the Affordable Care Act, the historic health care overhaul championed by President Obama and enacted by Congress in 2010. Ambassador Kirk noted the crucial importance of health care reform not only to America’s working families, but to American businesses seeking to grow – and to create jobs here at home – through increased exports to customers around the world. From Ambassador Kirk:

“USTR is focused on rebuilding our economy, increasing U.S. exports to support new jobs for our workers, and ensuring America’s long-term economic competitiveness. For America to achieve these goals our health care costs must be under control. The Affordable Care Act is essential to the strength of the bottom line of our nation’s businesses and to the health of their workers.

“Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies no longer have free rein to raise premiums on small businesses by huge amounts and to deny coverage to American workers and their families. American companies and entrepreneurs can take better advantage of job-creating trade opportunities when our health care system isn’t draining their resources. Continuing the Affordable Care Act is a trade priority.”