USTR Statement Regarding China's Decision to Request WTO Consultations on Shrimp Antidumping Measures

Washington, D.C. – The Office of the United States Trade Representative issued a brief public statement today following the announcement by China to seek WTO consultations with the United States on shrimp antidumping measures:

“The United States is deeply disappointed in China’s decision to request consultations. Members have called for the United States to come into compliance with the WTO rulings on zeroing. In December, the Department of Commerce issued a proposal to end zeroing in administrative reviews, the core issue on which the Government of China has today requested consultations,” said spokeswoman Nefeterius McPherson. “Nonetheless, China has determined to pursue consultations even as the United States is in the midst of its domestic legal and administrative compliance process, including consultations with Congress. The decision now by China to pursue new claims against the United States on zeroing only complicates resolution of this issue.”