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What They’re Saying: Completion of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations

“Trade ministers from the 12 nations that make up the Trans-Pacific Partnership finished negotiations on an agreement that reflects America’s values and gives our workers the fair shot at success they deserve.  This partnership levels the playing field for our farmers, ranchers, and manufacturers by eliminating more than 18,000 taxes that various countries put on our products. It includes the strongest commitments on labor and the environment of any trade agreement in history, and those commitments are enforceable, unlike in past agreements. It promotes a free and open Internet. It strengthens our strategic relationships with our partners and allies in a region that will be vital to the 21st century. It’s an agreement that puts American workers first and will help middle-class families get ahead.”

President Barack Obama
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On Monday, October 5, the U.S. joined 11 nations that make up the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and completed negotiations on a landmark trade agreement that reflects America’s values and gives our workers the fair shot at success they deserve.  This Agreement covers more than 40 percent of global GDP.  There has been broad range support -- here’s a look at what people are saying about the conclusion of TPP negotiations. 


American Farm Bureau - Bob Stallman, President:

"We commend U.S. Trade Representative Froman and Chief Agricultural Negotiator Vetter for their longstanding support and determination to reach an agreement. Now it is up to us to figure out exactly what we have and how we should work with Congress to improve international market opportunities for U.S. farmers and ranchers through the Trans-Pacific Partnership." [10/5/2015]    

American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) - Joel G. Newman, President and CEO:

"Trade agreements, which eliminate trade barriers overseas, play a critical role in the future of the feed industry as it opens doors to new markets globally. This is particularly important as the future growth of the U.S. animal agriculture industry depends on international consumers, particularly, the growing population and middle class. TPP has the ability to ensure and create U.S. jobs, along with economically stronger rural communities." [10/5/2015]

American Soybean Association (ASA) - Wade Cowan, President:

“ASA applauds trade ministers from the 12 nations that make up the Trans-Pacific Partnership for concluding an agreement that is intended to create more opportunities, economic growth, and jobs. Over half of the soybeans produced by American farmers are exported overseas, and export markets are extremely important to our domestic livestock customers as well. This trade agreement has the potential to increase agricultural exports to new markets and to allow U.S. farmers to better compete in existing markets. From the outset of these negotiations, ASA has been supportive of a TPP that expands the access of American soybean farmers to our customers overseas…ASA thanks the U.S. Trade Representative and U.S. Department of Agriculture officials who have been working tirelessly on behalf of U.S. farmer throughout the TPP process.” [10/5/2015]

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association - Phillip Ellis, President:

“While the full details of the partnership will not be released until the President presents it to Congress, cattle producers are assured this is a true 21st century agreement. The TPP will immediately reduce tariffs and level the playing field for U.S. beef exports to these growing markets. TPP is a major win not only for the beef industry, but for all U.S. export products, growing the economy while supporting jobs and investments in agriculture and technology.” [10/5/2015]

National Chicken Council (NCC) - Mike Brown, President:

"NCC applauds U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and his team of negotiators for their years of work on the TPP.  The TPP represents a significant opportunity to expand U.S. chicken exports and bring increased economic benefits to chicken farmers and companies across the country.  Our major goals in this deal are to get a strong commitment on enforcement, in particular in the area of sanitary and phytosanitary measures.  Second, we hope to see that the long-protected Canadian market is finally opened to free trade for poultry. We look forward to reviewing what we hope will be a commercially meaningful and high standard agreement that will open markets and increase U.S. chicken exports." [10/5/2015]

National Oilseed Processors Association (NOPA) - Tom Hammer, President:

“We now look forward to reviewing the details of yesterday’s agreement and stand ready to work with Congress and the Administration during the all-important Congressional consideration of this historic Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. We thank Ambassador Froman and the entire U.S. interagency negotiating team for their tireless efforts and leadership in bringing the TPP negotiations to a successful conclusion.” [10/5/2015]

National Pork Producers Council (NPPC) - Dr. Ron Prestage, President:

“NPPC played an active role throughout the five-plus years of negotiations, providing U.S. negotiators with key information on barriers we face in the 11 other TPP countries and offering guidance on outcomes that would ensure substantial new market access benefits for U.S. pork in those markets. We look forward to reviewing the full text of the TPP agreement and the schedules of market access concessions as soon as possible. We are reserving final judgment on the package until then.” [10/5/2015]

U.S. Grains Council - Tom Sleight, President and CEO:

"We are very pleased to hear of the overall agreement coming out of the TPP negotiations in Atlanta and appreciate the negotiators' continued work to strike a deal… Our priorities in these talks have been focused on the broad goal of securing increased market access for U.S. grains and ethanol and ensuring that existing access remains open. That means lasting tariff relief, sanitary and phytosanitary provisions that will reduce the impact of non-tariff barriers, and meaningful global progress on the synchronous approval of biotech events.” [10/5/2015]

The Wine Institute - Robert P. Koch, President and CEO:

"Strong and market-opening trade agreements grow the U.S. economy and create and support well-paying U.S. jobs.  We believe that TPP will deliver these results.  "We congratulate the Administration for its hard work and look forward to reviewing the details of the agreement and continuing to work with Congress and the Administration on the TPP. Trade agreements have helped level the playing field and grow U.S. wine exports by 1,420 percent from $98 million in 1989 to nearly $1.5 billion last year" [10/6/2015]                                     


American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA):         

"The Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement represents nearly 40 percent of the world's economy and could present a tremendous opportunity for our industry. We are hopeful that the final agreement contains provisions to enable our members-as well as the millions of U.S. workers they employ and the billions of customers they serve-to benefit from the deal as soon as it is implemented. We welcome the conclusion of the TPP talks. We look forward to reviewing the details of the agreement when they are released. Throughout this process, we communicated what's needed to create trade opportunities for the clothing and shoe industry. Now we plan to evaluate those provisions that impact the industry, review the details, and consult with our members." [10/5/2015]

American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) - Kurt Nagle, President and CEO:

“As a long supporter of trade policy based on equity and fairness, AAPA endorses the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement between the United States and its trading partners in the Pacific. The prosperity of the U.S. is inextricably entwined with that of the rest of the world. We believe this agreement, and others pending, will increase trade and U.S. exports. This increase in trade will provide more jobs in our ports and throughout the nation. America’s seaports deliver vital goods, ship U.S. exports, create jobs, and support local and national economic growth. Cargo activity at U.S. ports currently accounts for over a quarter of the U.S. economy and $650 billion in personal income, supports the employment of over 23 million American workers, and generates over $320 billion in local, state and federal tax revenues. These enormous impacts will increase further due to the trade growth anticipated as a result of the TPP agreement. For every additional $1 billion in exports shipped through U.S. seaports, 15,000 U.S. jobs are created. Jobs in export-intensive industries pay up to 18 percent more, on average, than jobs in other industries. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is good for American ports and American jobs.”[10/5/2015]

American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) - Larry Burton, COO:

“Trade agreements support American businesses and workers. A strong global marketplace is critical to the health of our industry and to economic development. The TPP could help expand U.S. economic ties with many nations. We look forward to reviewing the final TPP text.” [10/5/2015]

American Forest & Paper Association - Donna Harman, President and CEO:

"Strong trade agreements open markets for U.S. exports of paper and wood products, so we're hopeful that TPP negotiators have reached an agreement that addresses some of the most pressing issues for paper and wood products manufacturers. These include the speedy elimination of tariffs on paper, packaging and wood products and strong provisions committing TPP countries to fight illegal logging and associated trade. We congratulate the negotiators on concluding the TPP agreement and look forward to examining it carefully." [10/5/2015]

American Institute for International Steel (AIIS) - Richard Chriss, Executive Director:

“For the 100-plus members of the AIIS, and particularly for the livelihoods of the many thousands of men and women who work for them and who depend on a globally competitive steel supply chain, news that the 12-nations participating in the Trans- Pacific Partnership negotiations have concluded their work is a most hopeful development… a well-designed TPP Agreement has the potential to improve regulatory coherence among the parties and to improve supply chain competitiveness.” [10/5/2015]

American Insurance Association (AIA) - Steve Simchak, Director of International Affairs:

“AIA is pleased that the TPP has concluded and we thank the U.S. negotiators for their hard work over the past six years.  We look forward to reviewing the details of this agreement once the text of the agreement is released. Just the geographic scope of it alone creates the potential for unprecedented opportunity for U.S. insurers.  We believe that it will encompass commitments that address 21st century issues faced by U.S. insurers abroad. International markets are increasingly where U.S. insurers are focused…As the debate about TPP moves from the negotiating table to Capitol Hill, it is essential that the insurance industry speak loudly about the importance of this deal to our industry’s growth.  Our insurance market is already open to foreign insurers. It is time for markets in this important region to be more open to U.S. insurers.” [10/5/2015]

The Association of Global Automakers:

“The Association of Global Automakers applauds the Administration's announcement today that negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have concluded and a deal has been reached. Open trade and investment policies have encouraged international automakers to invest billions of dollars in the United States, creating a stronger domestic manufacturing base and stimulating economic growth. If approved by Congress, the Trans-Pacific Partnership will provide new opportunities to increase exports and support American jobs. This agreement covers approximately 40 percent of the global economy and puts into place rules that facilitate trade and reduce barriers. This agreement will benefit American consumers and businesses alike by creating an engine for future U.S. economic growth.” [10/5/2015]

BSA – The Software Alliance - Victoria Espinel, President and CEO:

"The Trans Pacific Partnership agreement announced today marks a significant milestone in international trade. Data driven innovation and services present a huge opportunity for the global economy and the software industry. For the first time, enforceable trade rules establish free flow of data across borders as the rule and address trade barriers such as requiring localization of servers. We look forward to studying carefully the text of the Agreement and we look forward to working with the Administration and Congress on this important agreement." [10/5/2015]

Business Roundtable - Tom Linebarger, Chair of International Engagement Committee:

“We thank President Obama, Ambassador Froman and the U.S. negotiating team for their tireless work on the TPP negotiations, and we look forward to reviewing the details of this agreement,” said “While we don’t yet know all the details of today’s agreement, TPP holds the potential to help U.S. businesses, farmers and workers sell more goods and services to 11 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, which would support American jobs and U.S. economic growth.” [10/5/2015]

Coalition of Services Industries (CSI) - Peter Allgeier, President:

“The TPP has been a long time under negotiation, but it has been well worth the extended effort. We especially appreciate its forward looking achievements for the U.S. services industry, which is the most competitive in the world.” [10/5/2015]

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) - Gary Shapiro, President and CEO:

“With continued expansion of the digital economy and global supply chain, international trade is a driving force of revenue for U.S. businesses large and small. CEA has long supported trade deals that reflect the realities of the 21st Century, including the growing role of the Internet and digital economy…"We thank Ambassador Froman and the U.S. interagency negotiating team for their roles in facilitating the TPP negotiations. We are carefully reviewing the details of the agreement and look forward to working with Congress and the Administration to ensure the final results have the best interests of American businesses and workers in mind." [10/5/2015]

Emergency Committee for American Trade (ECAT) - Calman J. Cohen, President:

“ECAT looks forward to undertaking a full evaluation of the just-announced TPP agreement that was concluded on Sunday, the 4th of October, at the TPP Ministerial that was held in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout the negotiations, ECAT’s business leaders have advocated the conclusion of a high-standard, comprehensive, and commercially meaningful TPP agreement. The fast-growing Asia-Pacific region is of significant economic importance to U.S. business and agriculture interests, who view the TPP as an opportunity to open foreign markets to their products, strengthen the U.S. economy, and support well-paying jobs here at home. Through the TPP, the United States has taken a leading role in writing the rules for 21st-century international trade and investment." [10/5/2015

Entertainment Software Association (ESA) - Michael D. Gallagher, President and CEO:

“Free and fair trade fuels the innovation that drives our 21st century digital economy. The $22.4 billion video game industry employs nearly 150,000 Americans and free and fair access to dynamic new markets will expand high-wage job creation to meet the incredible worldwide demand for interactive entertainment. ESA commends United States Trade Representative Michael Froman, and the team of American negotiators and those of Pacific Rim nations for reaching an historic trade agreement that potentially opens and grows digital markets, safeguards intellectual property and advances high-tech American jobs.  We look forward to learning more about the details of the agreement and to working closely with Congress as it considers ratification in the months ahead.”

Express Association of America (EAA) - Michael Mullen, Executive Director:

“The completion of this major agreement covering nearly half of the global marketplace is a significant achievement that will accelerate the flow of goods through supply chains and create a more competitive business environment in a region with the world’s fastest growing economies. President Obama, U.S. Trade Representative Froman and his team, together with their counterparts from around the Pacific, are to be commended for bringing this agreement to fruition.  We urge Congress to accelerate the review and approval of the TPP agreement so U.S. businesses large and small can soon benefit from the new market access and improved trading procedures it provides.” [10/5/2015]

Footwear Distributor and Retailers of America (FDRA) - Matt Priest, President:

"We are extremely pleased and excited by today's announcement that the U.S. has reached an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). FDRA has worked for years to highlight the need for an agreement that provides significant duty reduction for footwear companies and American consumers. The U.S. footwear industry paid $2.7 billion in duties last year alone — more than $450 million from TPP partner countries. TPP has the potential to provide a once in a generation opportunity for the industry that could strengthen job creation and help drive innovation. We applaud the hard work of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) in negotiating this historic free trade deal, and we look forward to reviewing the agreement as soon as it is made public.” [10/5/2015]

Information Technology Information Council (ITI) - Dean Garfield, President and CEO:

“We welcome the news announcing a deal has been reached by TPP Trade Ministers in Atlanta. TPP has the potential to be a new model for trade deals in the 21st century—boosting economies in the United States and around the globe by lowering trade barriers and by promoting transparency and good governance. For the tech sector, the true test of the deal will be whether it is an agreement that will support jobs, drive sustainable growth, foster inclusive development, and promote 21st century innovation.  We also look forward to reviewing the text, when it is made public, to ensure that it achieves these goals, and as well to the work ahead with the administration and Congress." [10/5/2015]

Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) - Chris Dodd, Chairman and CEO:

“We’d like to congratulate Ambassador Froman and USTR for successfully concluding the TPP negotiations, and thank them for the tireless hard work they’ve committed throughout this entire process. Enacting a high-standard TPP is an economic priority for the American motion picture and television industry, which registered nearly $16 billion in exports in 2013 and supports nearly two million jobs throughout all fifty states. We look forward to reviewing the agreement’s final text.” [10/5/2015]  

National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) - Jay Timmons, President and CEO:

While we are still reviewing the full terms of the TPP, manufacturers are appreciative of the tireless work of U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and the entire U.S. negotiating team. From the beginning, manufacturers have been loud and clear on the TPP: A strong agreement must embrace priorities that will grow manufacturing in the United States. Those priorities include concrete new market access, the protection of intellectual property, provisions to enable e-commerce and a level playing field, fair treatment and strong property and investment protection standards, all of which must be enforceable for all industries. We look forward to examining all of the details of this agreement to assess whether it will significantly enhance manufacturers’ ability to grow and compete on a level playing field.” [10/5/2015]

National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) - Augustine Tantillo, President:

“We would like to thank Ambassador Michael Froman and the U.S. government for working closely with NCTO throughout the entire TPP process. Though we are waiting to examine the final details, our briefings at the Atlanta TPP round lead us to believe that U.S. negotiators were able to achieve a well balanced and reasonable outcome for U.S. textile manufacturers and our partners within the Western Hemisphere. Due to the sheer volume of trade covered by this agreement, it was critical that the final terms strongly reflect our input.  This included the need for TPP to establish a yarn forward system as the basis for rule of origin determinations and the setting of multi-year tariff phase-outs on sensitive textile and apparel products. Based on our debrief with the U.S. government in Atlanta we believe that, in great part, these key objectives were met.” [10/5/2015]         

National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA) - Kevin J. Cosgriff, President and CEO:

"On behalf of NEMA's member companies, I commend and congratulate Ambassador Froman and his entire team on bringing the TPP negotiations to a successful conclusion. We look forward to reviewing the text of the agreement with our member companies and assessing the prospects for market access gains once it is implemented." [10/5/2015]

National Foreign Trade Council (NFTC) - Bill Reinsch, President:

Through increased market access, the TPP we have supported has the potential to provide prospective long-term benefits that reach across the U.S. economy – from providing better jobs to increasing investment and economic growth. Through better rules and opening foreign markets further, an effective TPP agreement has the potential to improve the conditions for mutual trade and investment among countries accounting for 40 percent of world economic output. We thank Ambassador Michael Froman and the team of negotiators for the years of strenuous effort to reach agreement, and we look forward to reviewing the text.” [5/10/2015]

National Retail Federation (NRF) - David French, Senior Vice President for Government Relations:

“Trade agreements are vital for American retailers large and small. They help merchants provide high-quality, low-cost goods to U.S. consumers, and provide new overseas market opportunities for American companies and workers. It’s taken hard work on the part of U.S. negotiators to conclude this agreement, and we congratulate United States Trade Representative Michael Froman and his team for achieving an agreement. International trade supports millions of jobs in the retail industry, and that number will only grow with passage of TPP. NRF looks forward to reviewing the final agreement with our members to identify the benefits for retailers and their customers.” [10/5/2015]

National Small Business Association (NSBA) - Todd McCracken, President and CEO:

“Although the full text has not yet been made publicly available, we are encouraged by the information we’ve seen; the TPP appears to be a positive step for small firms, particularly the inclusion of a chapter dedicated solely to small- and medium-sized enterprises. The TPP is expected to ease the cost and complexity for small firms doing business in TPP countries. Exporting continues to be a sought-after avenue for many small firms, and trade deals such as NAFTA or TPP break down many barriers that prevent small firms from expanding their businesses globally. NSBA and SBEA look forward to a detailed analysis of the agreement during the review period, and congratulate the participating countries on a successful conclusion to their negotiations.” [10/5/2015]

Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) - Dave Snyder, Vice President of International Policy:

“PCI commends the negotiators for concluding work on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. Ambitious trade agreements establish the long term certainty needed by insurers to invest in foreign markets. Trade agreements that open markets to U.S. insurers and reinsurers provide mutual benefits of increasing revenues and employment here and help create a culture of risk identification, risk based pricing, and risk prevention in the host countries.” [10/5/2015]

Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) - Sandy Kennedy, President:

“Retailers welcome today’s news and applaud U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and U.S negotiators for their commitment to bolstering U.S. competitiveness around the world,” said RILA President Sandy Kennedy. “The TPP agreement is historic and will save American families hundreds of millions of dollars by providing American businesses with improved access to critical markets throughout the Pacific Rim. We look forward to supporting the agreement and working to ensure the benefits of the TPP agreement are understood as the agreement is ratified through Congress.” [10/5/2015]

San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce - Jerry Sanders, President and CEO:

“The Chamber celebrates this important milestone with an immediate implementation of part two of our advocacy strategy. This is when we rally our business community to ensure our voices are heard in Washington on how important this agreement is to our San Diego-Baja region.” [10/6/2015]

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI):

“SEMI commends the Chief Negotiators and Trade Ministers from the twelve Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) nations in reaching a final agreement today in Atlanta. We expect this agreement to be of the highest standard and set the rules for international trade and investment in the 21st century. For more than five years, these economies, representing 40 percent of global GDP, have pursued a comprehensive, commercially significant trade agreement and industry looks forward to a realization of these efforts in the TPP text.  This landmark pact has the ability to open markets, increase exports, and raise labor and environmental standards for millions of people.” [10/5/2015]

Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) - John Neuffer, President and CEO:

“Free trade is essential to the American economy and the U.S. semiconductor industry, which exports more than 80 percent of its products to customers overseas. The TPP will strengthen America’s standing in the world and help our industry maintain leadership in the global market. It is the first major trade agreement that seriously contemplates how trade needs to be done in the global digital economy of the 21st Century. We applaud negotiators for reaching this landmark agreement and urge Congress to approve it expeditiously.” [10/5/2015]

The Technology CEO Council (TCC) - Bruce Mehlman, Executive Director:

“When 95 percent of the world’s customers live outside the U.S., trade agreements like TPP are essential to ensure a level playing field and open new markets for innovators, entrepreneurs, farmers, manufacturers and service providers who compete globally. For U.S. technology firms, access to global markets enables substantial investments in the domestic research, capital spending, worker training and education that are needed to support our position as worldwide innovation leaders. The Tech CEO Council applauds the Obama Administration and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative on the successful conclusion of Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. We look forward to reviewing the details of the agreement and expect to lend our strong support to its approval by Congress.” [10/5/2015]

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) - Scott Belcher, CEO:

“We commend TPP trade ministers and negotiators for their hard work and diligence in reaching this historic agreement.  Last year, the Asia-Pacific region was the largest telecommunications market in the world at $1.8 trillion. The TPP will further open this region to exports of U.S.-manufactured goods, promoting jobs and economic growth here at home. We are pleased that digital trade rules, including requirements to ensure cross-border data flows, have been a focus for TPP negotiators and look forward to reviewing the details of the final agreement.” [10/5/2015]                                                                  

U.S.-ASEAN Business Council - Alexander Feldman, President and CEO:

“We congratulate the TPP member governments for concluding this landmark agreement in Atlanta, GA today. Almost six years ago, President Obama announced his intention to pursue this landmark agreement and join the P4 (Brunei Darussalam, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore) in the negotiations. Today, the TPP has grown to include nearly 40 percent of the world's GDP under a single high standards trade agreement.  It will open opportunities for American companies in 11 important Pacific countries, creating a level playing field for U.S. businesses looking to break into and/or expand their presence in some of the fastest growing markets in the world. This agreement will improve intellectual property, environment, labor and eCommerce standards across the region.” [10/5/2015]

U.S. Black Chamber Inc.:

“As the U.S. expands its borders for bigger and better trade opportunities, the USBC will be there to offer guidance to the Administration, and keep Black small businesses informed of tools for trade education, and conducting business overseas. The USBC remains committed to endorsing and advocating for the Trade Agenda and will continue to show our support by standing behind any deal that would greatly assist the small and minority-owned businesses that serve the Black community.” [10/5/2015].

The U.S. Coalition for TPP

“The successful conclusion of TPP negotiations marks an important step toward greater cooperation and economic engagement between the United States and the broader Pacific region. The TPP has the potential to set new, high standards for 21st century international trade and investment. We applaud U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and his team of negotiators for their years of work on the TPP. We look forward to reviewing what we expect to be a commercially meaningful and high standard agreement that will open markets, increase exports and raise labor and environmental standards for millions of people.” [10/5/2015] 

U.S. Council for International Business (USCIB) - Peter Robinson, President and CEO:

“We have urged the conclusion of an ambitious, high-standard TPP throughout the course of these talks, and we look forward to reviewing details of the agreement to see if they meet these expectations. U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and his counterparts are to be congratulated for seeing these talks through to their conclusion. Our future prosperity hinges on expanded trade, investment and job creation. Together, the TPP nations account for some 40 percent of global GDP, with a burgeoning middle class. And of course there is the added potential of other countries signing on now that a deal has been sealed.” [10/5/2015]

U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:           

“After several months of working with members of congress, local Mayors and Administration officials, the USHCC is thrilled that negotiations between the US and the 11 other members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) have concluded, and an agreement was reached. Our association is particularly elated to know that for the first time in any trade agreement, TPP includes a chapter specifically dedicated to helping small- and medium-sized businesses benefit from trade.” [10/5/2015]  

Washington Council on International Trade (WCIT) - Eric Schinfeld, President:

“After five years of negotiations on this groundbreaking trade deal that holds so much promise for Washington state, we are thrilled that a high-standard agreement has finally been concluded. For too long Washington businesses and workers have faced numerous hurdles that prevent them from competing on a level playing field with their foreign competitors. The TPP can topple those barriers and address the issues our businesses and workers face in the 21st century – such as restrictions on cross-border data flows, state-owned enterprises that distort the market, the use of high tariffs and quotas, poor IP protections, and lax labor and environmental standards. The TPP is our chance to resolve many of these challenges and shape global trade rules that work in our favor. We thank our U.S. trade negotiators for their tireless efforts during the   countless rounds of negotiations and for their commitment to finalizing the best possible deal for U.S. businesses and workers. We must seize this opportunity to improve the way the world trades and to incorporate U.S. interests and values into Asia-Pacific trade rules. We now look to Congress to vote to pass and implement this historic trade agreement without delay.” [10/5/2015]     


AdvaMed - Stephen J. Ubl, President and CEO:

“AdvaMed applauds the negotiators of the TransPacific Partnership (TPP) for their tireless efforts to successfully conclude this agreement. The potential significance of this agreement on the global economy is tremendous, given that the twelve TPP countries comprise 40 percent of the world’s economy and one-third of global trade. Throughout the negotiations, AdvaMed has strongly supported the conclusion of a high-standard TPP agreement that includes provisions promoting regulatory coherence as well as transparency and procedural fairness for medical technology. AdvaMed looks forward to learning the details of the final agreement and assessing its impact on the ability of medical technology manufacturers to provide safe and effective products to patients throughout the TPP region.” [10/5/2015]

AT&T - Jim Cicconi, Senior Executive Vice President, External and Legislative Affairs:

We commend President Obama, Ambassador Mike Froman and the Staff of the Office of the United States Trade Representative on concluding the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) negotiations and look forward to reviewing the agreement and working with Congress to ratify as soon as possible. AT&T fully supports the successful completion of TPP. Trade agreements allow countries to compete on a level-playing field by opening up markets and raising global standards. Once adopted, TPP will help establish 21st century rules for all sectors of the economy, including digital economy, and provide us with the opportunity to further U.S. economic growth, job creation and investment.” [10/5/2015]

Boeing - Dennis Muilenburg, President and CEO:

"Free-trade agreements create new opportunities for American companies and their workers. I thank the United States Trade Representative and fellow trade negotiators for their commitment to finalizing this agreement. U.S. companies need to be able to compete and win in global markets to support well-paying jobs at home. It's critical we provide our manufacturers and exporters with the best tools to compete on a level-playing field in markets worldwide. More than 70 percent of Boeing's commercial airplane revenue last year came from customers outside the United States, while more than 90 percent of our total workforce and 80 percent of our suppliers are based here in the United States. Looking ahead, the global economy will be more important than ever to our future growth." [10/5/2015]

Cargill - David MacLennan, Chairman and CEO:

“In many parts of the world, food and agricultural products still face the legacy of high import barriers. We believe the Trans-Pacific Partnership will allow food to move more freely across borders from places of plenty to places of need, which benefits farmers and consumers around the world. Over time, the most successful countries have been those that embraced international trade. Modern trade agreements like the TPP will continue that trend, while also setting high standards for labor, human rights and sustainability.” [10/5/2015]

Caterpillar -  Bill Lane, Director of  Global Government:

"Comprehensive trade deals require persistence, patience and a recognition that trade liberalization not only generates economic growth but higher standards of living. For Caterpillar, the Trans-Pacific Partnership will enhance market access making it easier for our customers in a dozen countries to buy Caterpillar products. Caterpillar thanks and congratulates Ambassador Mike Froman and his USTR team for what can only be described as a remarkable accomplishment. We urge Congress to rally behind this agreement so that American workers, consumers and companies can reap the benefits."

Cisco - Jennifer Sanford, Senior Manager of International Trade Policy:

“TPP represents an important opportunity to lower trade barriers on technology goods and services, which benefits not just the producers, but more importantly, the users of cutting-edge technology. Cisco congratulates Ambassador Froman and the entire interagency team for securing commitments that will benefit the tech sector and the growth of digital trade in the region. We look forward to working with our counterparts in the tech sector to evaluate the final deal and to engage Congress in its consideration of TPP implementing legislation.” [10/5/2015]


“Citi congratulates the twelve negotiating parties for reaching an agreement in principle on a final text for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) after five years of intense and complex negotiations. The TPP will establish a free trade area in the Pacific Rim that will set comprehensive and enforceable disciplines for trade and investment among its members. These rules will serve to create a more predictable business environment that will facilitate trade and foreign direct investment between the most dynamic and forward-looking economies in the world. This will mean more growth and jobs for these economies. The agreement also is an important expression of the respective governments’ confidence in the power of competition, freedom of movement of capital, goods and services.” [10/5/2015]

Dow Chemical Company - Andrew N.Liveris, Chairman and CEO:

“On behalf of Dow, I commend Ambassador Mike Froman and his entire team for their leadership in concluding the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. TPP is a critical trade agreement for U.S. exporters like Dow. This landmark agreement will eliminate unnecessary trade barriers, strengthen America’s manufacturing base and further open important markets.” [10/5/2015]

FedEx Express - David L. Cunningham, Executive Vice President and COO:

“FedEx is pleased that negotiators have reached an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). TPP is an ambitious trade deal that will link more than 40 percent of the world’s gross domestic product and provide small businesses with new opportunities to expand their exports. We look forward to reviewing the details of what we expect will be a landmark agreement that will benefit U.S. businesses and workers.” [10/5/2015]

Gap Inc. - Scott Syngal, Executive Vice President of Global Supply Chain and Product Operations:

"International trade is vital to the global competitiveness of Gap Inc. We employ tens of thousands of Americans who work in a variety of positions and professions across our company, and trade helps to sustain these jobs. We applaud the work of United States Trade Representative Mike Froman and other negotiators to conclude the TPP, which will create new opportunities for trade and investment for Gap Inc. and the retail industry. We look forward to supporting an agreement that will bring significant value for American families, provide meaningful benefits for our industry and our workers, raise labor and environmental standards for millions of people across the Asia-Pacific region, and begin to level the playing field with our international competitors." [10/5/2015]

General Electric (GE):

“We congratulate the parties on reaching agreement.  TPP will expand access to key markets in the Asia-Pacific region that represent 40% of global GDP, and foster economic growth.  As the world’s leading digital industrial company, GE looks forward to learning more about how TPP addresses both goods and digital free trade; the future of manufacturing will be driven by the ability to analyze data locally and across borders to enhance the safety, efficiency and reliability of products.” [10/5/2015]

Honeywell - David Cote, Chairman and CEO:

"On behalf of Honeywell and our approximately 130,000 employees, I would like to thank Ambassador Froman and USTR for their work to successfully conclude the TPP negotiations. International trade plays an invaluable role for global businesses like Honeywell, and trade agreements, such as the TPP, have the potential to boost exports, support jobs, and increase access abroad for businesses like ours. We support the conclusion of these negotiations and look forward to reviewing the final text of the agreement." [10/5/2015]

IBM - Christopher A. Padilla, Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs:

"IBM is pleased an agreement has been reached in the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. Data is the lifeblood of the 21st century economy, and we understand this agreement contains groundbreaking provisions to safeguard the free movement of data across borders. Government-imposed barriers have long plagued the free global movement of farm goods and manufactured products, with trade agreements trying to break old log jams. The TPP is a forward-looking trade pact that seeks to limit obstacles to digital data flows even before they can take root.  IBM looks forward to release of the final text of the agreement, and anticipates lending its strong support to the TPP.” [10/5/2015]


“This is a significant step toward advancing global innovation and opening doors around the world for American businesses. Intel commends Ambassador Froman and the entire U.S. interagency negotiating team for their efforts to open markets and set high standards for our country – and our global economy. TPP has the potential to support America’s high-tech industry through critical intellectual property protections, limits on using encryption standards as a barrier to trade and localization policy rules of the road.” [10/5/2015]

Lockheed Martin:

“Lockheed Martin commends the Administration for its leadership and persistence in concluding negotiations of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement. Increased trade with the TPP partners will expand economic opportunities and strengthen our security ties in the Asia-Pacific region. We look forward to assessing how the agreement will expand trade for the U.S. aerospace industry, and we will continue working with the Administration and Congress to support an agreement that reduces trade barriers and opens new markets for U.S. companies.” [10/5/2015]


“Nike applauds the Obama Administration and Ambassador Froman for successfully concluding country negotiations on the historic Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Nike supports TPP because it will allow us to innovate, expand our business and drive economic growth. Open trade enables US companies to compete and consumers to win. [10/5/2015]

Proctor & Gamble (P&G) - Carolyn Brehm, Vice President of Global Government Relations and Public Policy:

“P&G applauds the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiations, an important development for the company’s continued expansion in global markets.  More than 60 percent of P&G’s sales come from our international operations, and we expect this agreement will expand market access and trade between countries representing roughly 40 percent of the world’s economy. We anticipate the TPP will generate economic growth that will bring more consumers into the middle class, reduce costs to manufacturers and consumers by eliminating or lowering tariffs, and increase consumers’ access to our product innovations throughout the TPP region. If the final agreement delivers the high-standard outcomes we anticipate, we look forward to its implementation and the economic opportunities it will bring to our employees and the consumers we serve.”

Qualcomm - Steve Mollenkopf, CEO:

“Qualcomm applauds today’s announcement by trade ministers meeting in Atlanta that the 12 countries have concluded negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement. Concluding the biggest regional trade deal in history is a major win for the global economy and the U.S. technology sector. Qualcomm supports the TPP because it will spur innovation in the 12 parties to the agreement and the broader region. By expanding market access for technology products, strengthening the protection of intellectual property and enhancing regulatory transparency, the TPP will create jobs, foster new market opportunities and help bring advanced mobile technologies and services to more consumers and businesses... We congratulate United States Trade Representative Michael Froman and the other trade ministers and negotiators for their vision, hard work and persistence.  Qualcomm looks forward to reviewing the final text once it is published and working to support domestic ratification by all the TPP governments.” [10/5/2015]

Target - Brian Cornell, Chairman and CEO:

“Target applauds today’s conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade negotiations.  Trade agreements drive America’s economic growth and help companies like Target offer quality, affordable products to our guests.  We look forward to supporting a high-standard, ambitious TPP agreement that is good for our guests, employees, and the communities where we do business.” [10/5/2015]

TechNet - Linda Moore, President and CEO:

“Today’s agreement is a major milestone in the effort to reach a trade agreement among trading partners along the Pacific Rim.  It will open markets to trade, create a level playing field, and drive economic activity and opportunity.  Most important, it will help ensure that the American innovation sector continues to lead the way in technology development around the world. While we still need to review the details of the agreement, I would like to thank Ambassador Froman and the U.S. interagency negotiating team for their hard work in completing this agreement. We will continue to work with Congress and the Administration on the Trans-Pacific Partnership." [10/5/2015]

United Postal Service (UPS) - David Abney, CEO:

“TPP is a historic agreement that represents real market opportunities for U.S. companies of all sizes and a chance for them to compete on a more level playing field with local players. We thank Ambassador Michael Froman, Acting Deputy USTR Wendy Cutler, and TPP Chief Negotiator Barbara Weisel for their tireless and genuine efforts to secure the best possible trade deal for American companies, workers, and consumers. Each day, UPS alone handles six percent of U.S. GDP and two percent of global GDP. TPP will help UPS customers across multiple sectors by bringing down tariffs, accelerating the release of goods through customs, and supporting the participation of small businesses in regional and global supply chains.” [10/5/2015]

Walmart Asia - Scott Price, CEO:

“Walmart welcomes the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.  TPP countries include some of the most robust economies in the Asia Pacific, which alone account for about 40 percent of world GDP and one third of world trade.  We believe this historic agreement will reduce the cost of goods and increase choice for our customers in the Asia-Pacific and the United States, and we look forward to reviewing the details of the agreement.” [10/5/2015]


International Federation for Animal Welfare (IFAW) - Azzedine Downes, President and CEO:

“As trade liberalizes, we have to take measures that protect wildlife from the potential increases in illegal trade that can result.  The Obama Administration has led the fight for strong protections for wildlife in the TPP agreement.  IFAW is pleased with the new wildlife trade protections in the TPP and with the strong commitment to capacity building from the U.S. for those countries that need support in meeting the binding requirements to implement these tough, new wildlife trade provisions.” [10/5/2015]

Joint Ocean Commission Initiative:

“The Administration has taken a strong step toward combating the problem of IUU fishing by including language on requiring port state measures. This will help ensure that illegally harvested fish do not enter international commerce, which has significant adverse impacts on the U.S. fishing industry and U.S. fishermen by depleting global fish stocks and introducing unfair competition on the global seafood market… “We have always been strong supporters of efforts to curtail illegal fishing and are pleased by the Administration’s announcement. Proper management of our ocean resources requires an international framework that applies across all nations, and we applaud the steps taken to include a provision that advances those goals.” [10/5/2015]

The Nature Conservancy - Mark R. Tercek, President and CEO:

“The Nature Conservancy is dedicated to conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends.  We work in all fifty U.S. states and around the world to conserve land, water, and oceans, to address climate change, and to promote sustainable development.  With this mission in mind, we are strongly encouraged by the environmental provisions in the recently concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement and congratulate you and your administration on the successful negotiation of these provisions.  By embedding conservation commitments in the core text of the agreement and making them subject to the TPP’s dispute resolution mechanisms, the TPP provides new leverage to advance vital environmental objectives.” [10/5/2015]

Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) - Cristián Samper, President and CEO:

“WCS is heartened to see in TPP the adoption a comprehensive free-trade agreement that includes potentially strong and enforceable commitments on combating wildlife trafficking, and implementing the provisions of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), and we commend the President and the U.S. Trade Representative for pushing to include those provisions.” [10/5/2015]

World Animal Protection - Priscilla Ma, U.S. Executive Director:

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s environment chapter presents a historic opportunity to strengthen international protections for wildlife, including marine animals and wildlife traded illegally.  We look forward to the agreement’s final text being published as soon as possible now that negotiations have concluded, and are encouraged to read in the summary that the environment chapter includes enforceable obligations to address wildlife crime, harmful fisheries subsidies, and the illegal harvest and timber trade, which are among the many severe challenges facing Pacific countries. We applaud TPP governments for agreeing to take action to protect endangered and at-risk species, such as elephants and pangolins, through pioneering commitments to combat wildlife trafficking.  We commend the Obama Administration's efforts, including those of the U.S. Trade Representative, to use all the tools available to combat illegal wildlife trafficking and its commitment to solving this crisis as a top-level priority. It is our hope that these efforts to spur greater international action to protect wildlife through trade agreements will make a real difference. TPP’s environment chapter stands to be an important step forward for global animal protection.  World Animal Protection looks forward to working with the Administration to ensure that TPP delivers real-world benefits for the environment and wildlife.” [10/5/2015]

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) - Carter Roberts, President and CEO:

“No major trade agreement before this one has gone so far to address growing pressures on natural resources like overexploited fish, wildlife and forests. Now that the negotiations have closed, we expect to see a strong environment chapter that promotes and enforces both legal and sustainable trade. With the right implementation and compliance procedures, the conservation commitments in this trade agreement could be game-changers. Of course there’s more work to be done. For the agreement to be a useful tool in addressing the Pacific region's tremendous conservation challenges, each nation will need to take on ambitious measures to effectively comply with their TPP obligations. At present, countries don't do enough to prohibit the trade in illegal wildlife as well as other illegal products obtained from forests and oceans. The TPP could mark real progress on conserving wildlife, fisheries and forests, but the member countries need to go beyond good words and intentions in the agreement to support and implement effective environmental protections as TPP requires. We will continue to work with the White House and Congress to ensure TPP includes mechanisms for strong implementation and enforcement of the deal’s conservation obligations. Legal and procedural reforms need to be enacted in many TPP countries before the agreement comes into force, for example, strong national measures to prohibit wildlife trafficking. It's worth pointing out the TPP does not explicitly address climate change, one of the greatest challenges of our time. That work is being pursued in other international and bilateral mechanisms. To avoid undermining the potential conservation gains of TPP, we need to see accelerated action through those forums to close the gap between current emission reduction pledges and what the world needs to avoid the worst consequences of climate change." [10/5/2015]


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids

“In a truly historic step for public health, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement announced today by the United States and 11 other countries includes a provision that protects the right of participating nations to adopt public health measures to reduce tobacco use and prevents tobacco companies from using the TPP to launch legal attacks on such measures. We commend the United States and other countries that stood up to the tobacco industry and put public health first. This provision is a critical step toward ending the tobacco industry’s growing abuse of trade agreements to challenge life-saving tobacco control measures all over the world. It sets a strong precedent for other trade agreements and boosts efforts to combat a global tobacco epidemic that kills millions each year.” [10/5/2015]     


Atlantic Council - Jon M. Huntsman Jr., Chairman:

“The announcement of a finalized TPP deal is a victory for America's future in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Governor Huntsman. “It was not an easy road to get here, but this deal represents a major breakthrough pivotal in cementing relationships in key areas of the world. TPP puts the United States in the global driver’s seat to write the next generations of trade rules.” [10/5/2015]

Council on Foreign Relations - Edward Alden, Bernard L. Schwartz Senior Fellow:

A dozen countries from the Asia-Pacific region showed today that it is still possible for nations to do big things. Following a week of difficult meetings in Atlanta, trade and economy ministers from the United States, Japan, Mexico, Vietnam and others have reached a final deal on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the largest and most consequential trade agreement since the creation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) more than two decades ago. While there is still a long road ahead to final ratification by the U.S. Congress and other national legislatures, the TPP deal has the potential to reshape an important part of the U.S. economy, strengthen American diplomacy, and launch a new generation of international economic cooperation. [10/5/2015]

The Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE)

The long-anticipated agreement on a Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade accord—reached after many days of negotiations on October 5—will usher in a new phase of debate and misinformation about the benefits of liberalizing trade. The TPP will lower trade barriers and set new rules for investment, labor rights, and the environment for the United States, Japan, and 10 other countries… President Barack Obama has shown enormous courage in championing TPP, and Republicans in Congress deserve credit for working with him to make it a reality. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has also shown considerable courage in pursuing his third arrow of structural reform through the negotiation of a meaningful regional trade agreement that will benefit Japan. The facts clearly support their efforts. Let’s hope they succeed in ratifying a significant and beneficial agreement. [10/5/2015]

Progressive Coalition of American Jobs (PCAJ) - Chris Wyant, Executive Director:

"Today, America and our global partners made history by completing negotiations on a trade deal that -- if passed -- would establish the most far-reaching protections for workers, wages, and the environment that have ever been enacted. The Trans-Pacific Partnership will expand opportunity for Made-in-America goods and services in fast-growing markets, support higher-paying export jobs to raise wages, provide hundreds of millions of workers greater dignity with new labor rights that also level the playing field for workers here at home, and implement key environmental conservation protections to fight illegal wildlife trafficking and deforestation and defend our oceans. Thanks to the leadership of U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman and his counterparts with our eleven trade partners, we are confident the TPP will be the most progressive trade deal in history. We trust that Congress will take the necessary steps to enable the United States to lead on trade for decades to come by passing this tough, new trade deal soon." [10/5/2015]

Progressive Policy Institute (PPI) - Ed Gerwin, Senior Fellow for Trade and Global Opportunity:

“PPI welcomes Monday’s announcement that the United States and its 11 negotiating partners have successfully concluded negotiations on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement. If done right, modern trade agreements like TPP have significant potential to increase American exports to key foreign markets; to forge international consensus on high standards for open rulemaking, environmental protection, and labor rights; and to support digital commerce and other tools for broader and more inclusive trade. We appreciate the tireless efforts of Ambassador Froman, the Obama Administration’s trade team, and trade supporters in Congress in seeking a TPP agreement that will achieve these and other key priorities for the United States. We look forward to reviewing the text of the completed agreement. And we are particularly grateful to Congressional trade leaders—particularly Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), Congressman Ron Kind (D-Wisc.), and other pro-trade Democrats—for writing strong, new rules that will assure an extensive, informed and transparent debate on the detailed provisions of the TPP.” [10/5/2015]

Third Way - Gabe Horowitz, Vice President for the Economic Program:

Many said that it couldn’t be done, that it would be too hard to craft a high-standards trade deal with 12 countries representing 40% of the world’s GDP. But the Obama Administration was unwavering in its commitment, staring down the politics of the past in order to help Americans look to the future and compete in the 21st century. We applaud the fact that 12 nations came together to forge the most ambitious and progressive trade deal ever. The global economy will grow by over $60 trillion in the next 15 years, with almost 90% of that occurring outside of the United States. The fact is there is no path to new middle class jobs and wage hikes that doesn’t include seizing our rightful share of that worldwide growth. And there is no path to seizing that rightful share without passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership. With this landmark deal, the United States and our partners have made a strong statement that we will write the rules in the region and not leave it up to China. These rules remove trade barriers, protect workers and the environment, and establish high standards that allow Americans to compete on a level playing field. We urge Democrats and Republicans to now grab this opportunity to write the global economic rules of the future. For the future of the middle class, Congress must now pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership.” [10/5/2015]