Joint Press Conference Remarks by Ambassador Katherine Tai at the U.S./UK Dialogues on the Future of Atlantic Trade

Good afternoon.  I want to begin by thanking the Renaissance here in Baltimore for hosting us over the last two days, as well as the staff from both countries for helping to make everything run so smoothly.
I also want to thank Secretary Trevelyan for joining me in Baltimore.
One of the reasons why we chose to have this event outside of Washington, D.C. is to highlight the impact trade can have on our cities and communities.  The policies we develop in Washington and London affect the livelihoods of people in places like Baltimore.
Yesterday, we visited the Port of Baltimore, and saw concrete evidence of the close trade relationship between our two countries. It is an important piece of America’s infrastructure that helps us maintain our global competitive edge and is a key part of our supply chain.  Today, we toured Fearless, a local software company that is using technology to make organizations more efficient and effective.
As I mentioned yesterday, America is at its best when we are working closely with our allies. The Dialogues on the Future of Atlantic Trade explore how we can create economically meaningful outcomes that deepen the partnership between our two countries and support our workers and businesses. 
Fearless, in particular, emphasized the importance of developing cutting-edge technology and thinking that connect us to people and communities. I believe we can apply the same approach to trade policy. 
Secretary Trevelyan and I want to preserve the historic nature of our special relationship while ensuring it properly addresses the urgent challenges of today’s world.
Our united global response to President Putin’s premeditated, unprovoked, and unjustified attack on Ukraine shows what democracies can accomplish when they come together.  And our cooperation – including with the United Kingdom – underscores the importance of moving quickly to address pressing issues.
That cooperation extends to our trade policies.  Secretary Trevelyan and I agree that there is a greater need for a smart and sustainable approach to trade that benefits our people and our planet.
That is why we brought together local leaders, the private sector, and civil society over the last two days to identify areas of common ground and determine how we can address 21st century challenges that we both face.
The ambitious agenda and open mind we bring to these talks will help us craft more durable, resilient, and sustainable trade policies.  It is how we will “level up” and Build a Better America.
This is not the end; in fact, this is the start of a conversation that will continue in the weeks and months to come.
Our staff will remain in close coordination after today to continue the momentum we have established.  And I look forward to seeing Secretary Trevelyan on her side of the Atlantic soon.
I will now turn it over to Secretary Trevelyan and we will answer a few of your questions afterwards.  Thank you.