Portman Praises Textile Members For Supporting CAFTA-DR

WASHINGTON - U.S. Trade Representative Rob Portman praised key Members of Congress interested in textiles issues for their support of CAFTA-DR announced at a press conference today on Capitol Hill.

"The Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement is a great agreement for the American textile industry and American textile workers because it strengthens our relationship between yarn and fabric makers in the U.S. and apparel producers in Central America. Furthermore, it solidifies a market in our hemisphere that will enable our textile industry to compete against Asia.

"I want to thank Representatives Spencer Bachus of Alabama, Bob Inglis of South Carolina and Mike Rogers of Alabama, for working with the Administration in support of CAFTA-DR.

"The more we explain CAFTA-DR's benefits, the more support we receive. Two months ago, the leading organization representing textile makers, the National Council of Textile Organization, and the organization representing cotton producers, the National Cotton Council, endorsed CAFTA-DR.

"Now, we've received additional support from key Members interested in textiles by working to address their concerns.

"CAFTA-DR levels the playing field and expands export opportunities for American farmers, workers and businesses.

"We're just a couple of days from the House scheduled vote on this agreement and today's announcement is a much needed shot in the arm and gives us extra momentum."