Statement from USTR Spokesperson Adam Hodge on a WTO Arbitration Award Announcement

July 13, 2022

WASHINGTON – Assistant United States Trade Representative for Public Affairs Adam Hodge today released the following statement after a World Trade Organization (WTO) arbitrator issued a decision in a dispute brought by Canada concerning U.S. countervailing duties on supercalendered paper.

"The United States is pleased that today’s decision by a WTO arbitrator concerning Canada’s request to apply countermeasures against the United States wholly rejects Canada’s proposal and adopts the U.S. economic model as the basis of the Arbitrator’s decision. However, the United States remains deeply troubled by the Arbitrator’s determination to issue a decision at all. 
"Canada is not currently suffering any economic harm from the disputed conduct, and may never experience any economic effect whatsoever, given that the United States removed the challenged measure years ago.  Canada’s pursuit of this arbitration under these circumstances is a further demonstration of a broken system that emboldens Members to litigate for the sake of litigation instead of helping Members resolve disputes.
"Today’s decision only reinforces the Biden Administration’s call for meaningful WTO reform, including the dispute settlement system. We will continue working constructively with Members to find a basis for building consensus towards durable, lasting reform."