United States and Egypt Meet to Discuss Ways to Expand U.S.-Egyptian Trade and Investment



Washington, D.C. – Deputy United States Trade Representative Miriam Sapiro and Egyptian First Under Secretary of Industry and Foreign Trade and Head of the Commercial Service Anwar Elsahragty met this week to discuss ways to expand U.S.-Egyptian trade and investment ties. The meeting demonstrated the continuing close friendship and collaboration that characterizes the relations between the United States and Egypt. During the meeting, both sides agreed that greater economic cooperation will benefit both countries by supporting sound government policies that create jobs, boost investment, and fuel economic growth.

Ambassador Sapiro and Undersecretary Elsahragty made significant progress in negotiations over establishing a new trade facilitation protocol and adopting core information communication and technology principles. They also committed to specific actions to cooperate in the areas of small-and medium-sized enterprise development, agriculture, standards, good regulatory practices and intellectual property rights protection.

In the months ahead, the United States and Egypt will pursue intensified cooperation on economic, trade, and investment issues. These efforts will serve as a welcome complement to expand bilateral engagement.