FACT SHEET: Dallas Workers and Businesses Supported by Exports

President Obama’s trade agenda will unlock opportunity for Dallas workers and businesses – strengthening the American middle class

In 2013, Texas exported $279.5 billion of Made-in-America goods to the world, supporting over an estimated 1.1 million jobs.  The metropolitan area of Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington alone exported $27.6 billion of Made-in-America goods to the world. 

Trade is a key driver of Texas’ economy, and President Obama’s two highest trade priorities, the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, will give Dallas and Texas enhanced access to four out of Dallas’ largest five export markets – Mexico, Canada, Singapore and the Netherlands.

These agreements will also help American manufacturing by raising labor and environmental standards throughout the Asia-Pacific region, levelling the playing field for U.S. workers and businesses.

Dallas Depends on World Markets

  • Dallas is the country’s 9th largest metropolitan exporter, with shipments of merchandise in 2013 totaling $27.6 billion.
  • The metropolitan area’s largest market was Mexico. Dallas posted merchandise exports of $5.6 billion to Mexico in 2013, representing 20 percent of the metropolitan area’s total merchandise exports.
  • Mexico was followed Canada ($4.2 billion), China ($1.6 billion), Singapore ($921 million), and the Netherlands ($905 million).
  • The metropolitan area’s largest export is computer and electronic products, which accounted for $7.3 billion of Dallas’ total merchandise exports in 2014.
  • Other top exports are transportation equipment ($4.8 billion), machinery ($3.7 billion), chemicals ($3.4 billion), and miscellaneous manufactures ($1.6 billion).

Exports Sustain Thousands of Dallas Businesses

  • A total of 8,306 companies exported from Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington locations in 2012. Of those, 7,325 (88.2 percent) were small and medium sized enterprises with fewer than 500 employees.
  • 58% of Texas’ exporters (4,859) already ship goods to TPP countries. 
  • 27% of Texas’ exporters (2,248) already ship goods to T-TIP countries.

Texas Will Benefit from President Obama’s Trade Agenda

  • President Obama’s top trade priorities are the negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership with the Asia-Pacific Region and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the European Union – two state-of-the-art agreements that will unlock opportunity in the United States by fostering economic growth, supporting jobs, and bolstering our competitiveness.
  • Four out of Dallas’ top five export markets will be covered by the Trans-Pacific Partnership (Canada, Mexico, Singapore), and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (Netherlands), making it easier for Dallas workers and businesses to sell more Made-in-America exports to Dallas’ main customers.