U.S. Welcomes Stakeholders to 12th Round of Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks

TPP DallasU.S. trade negotiators and officials are busy welcoming to Texas many of the more than 300 stakeholders from non-governmental organizations, academia, business, and the public who have accepted the invitation to be on-site at the 12th Round of the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks. The following groups – as well as a number of members of the public who are here as concerned citizens – will be on hand here to engage directly with negotiators and help shape the substance of the talks. Many are choosing to participate in a special Saturday event to present directly to individual negotiators about their views on issues in TPP, and hear more about how the talks are going. More information about TPP, including a detailed summary of the outlines of the agreement announced by TPP Leaders last November, can be found at

Stakeholders Participating in 12th Round TPP Talks