USTR Sits Down with Agri Talk Radio

On Wednesday, Ambassador Kirk, Ambassador Siddiqui, and USTR General Counsel Tim Reif spoke with AgriTalk Radio, a nationally syndicated talk radio for rural America with programming focused on issues that connect agricultural producers and consumers. The three answered questions on the progress USTR has made in trade over the past year, including the recent implementation of the US.-Korea free trade agreement and its impact on the agricultural industry.

Watch the interviews:

U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk talks about implementation of the Korea Free Trade Agreement, the Trans Pacific Partnership, the future of DOHA and the Dallas Cowboys.

US Chief Ag Negotiator Islam Siddiqui talks about pending implementation of free trade agreements as well as ag trade disputes and possible new trade agreements with Japan and Russia.

USTR General Counsel Tim Reif talks about trade enforcement action the U.S. is seeking against India, China and others.